Identification of Training Needs

The identification of training needs can be done in two levels namely Individual Level, Group Level. Individual level need identification speaks about whether particular individual is in need of training and if yes what is the need in that training. The group level training need identification process explains whether the group needs training and if yes what is to be taught in the training.

Individual Training Needs Identification

There are various ways through which the organisation can identify the individual training needs. Here we have discussed some methods. Let us discuss the methods in details:

• Performance Appraisals:

By analyzing the performance of appraisal of the individual employee the organisation can easily understand where he lacks. The performance appraisal gives complete information about where the individual is performing better and where he is lacking. Hence performance appraisal is one of the proper tool to identify the individual training needs.


While conducting the interview itself the interviewer can identify the lacuna in a person. On that basis

• Questionnaires • Attitude Surveys • Training Progress Feedback • Work Sampling • Rating Scales etc.

Feedback from Supervisors/Seniors:

The feed back about the working style, skills, speed, frequency of committing errors, understanding levels and performance of the employees will be collected from the seniors. The supervisors also will suggest, among his subordinates, who needs training, what training is required etc.


In certain cases the HR department will many a times observe the floor level employees in various situations. on the basis of their observation they give points to the employees. The one with minimum point will be recommended to attend the training program.

Training feedback:

In some rare cases when the employees are attend a training program they will not be in a position to grab the training. By analyzing this the trainers will suggest few basic training to the employees to develop basic skills. through this also the employees training needs will be identified.


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