Organisational Entry and Socialisation

Here you can find the meaning and benefits of Organisational Entry and Socialization. It is an emerging concept in today’s corporate sector. Organisational Entry and Socialization plays a vital role in various Human Resource aspects in modern global business scenario.

Meaning of Organisational Entry and Socialization

Organisational Entry is the process by which the new employees of the organisation will learn about the organisation rules, norms, policies and culture. Organisational entry will comfort the employees to get socialise in the organisation. Organisational Entry and Socialization helps the employees to adapt the norms of the organisation easily. Organisational Entry and Socialization also satisfies the organisations expectation of maximum productivity in a very short span.

Why Organisational Entry and Socialization:

Many statistics through various studies states that the attrition rate is very high in case of new entrants. The researchers also reveal other few findings which need to be concerned, like:

  • Few employees leave the organisation if the first day in the organisation is unsuccessful
  • Number of employees leaving their new job within 6 months is much countable.
  • The first 30 days in the organisation makes the employees to create an impression about their sustainability in the organisation.
  • Even the employee who are hired directly for the top level positions leaves the organisation with in 3 years.

The above said research findings are alarming situation to the industries. Hence many corporate sectors started planning for proper organisational entry programmes and make the employees socialise in the organisation very soon.

Various benefits of Organisational Entry and Socialization

Discussed are some of the benefits which we will get through following proper Organisational Entry and Socialization activities:

Reduced time to contribution/competence:
A properly organized Entry program will encourage the employees to contribute their competences for the benefit of the organization within a short span of time. Thus organizational entry programs will help the employees to reduce the time gap between their entry to the organization and start proving themselves.

Improved employee productivity and performance.
Perfect combination of activities during the organizational entry programs will improve the productivity and performance of the employees.

Stronger bonds among colleagues:
This program will also bring the employees together through certain activities. This will develop a strong bond among the employee. They will feel a family atmosphere among themselves. Hence they can give and get ideas amongst them.

Enhanced job satisfaction and loyalty:
When an employee welcomed properly in the organization he will feel the sense of belonging in the organization. Right from day one the Entry strategies help to maintain job satisfaction and improve the loyalty of the employees.

Improved employee engagement and retention.
It is very easy to retain a satisfied employee. Hence Organizational entry procedures will help to keep the employee engaged and also to retain them.

Enhanced employer brand:
Employer branding is an emerging concept. It is a fact that highly satisfies and loyal employees will promote the employer branding because of which the employer can get more num er of deserving candidates in future.

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