Question Bank on Qualitative Research Methods

We all know that QRM is an interesting subject and Question Bank on Qualitative Research Methods will give you clear insights about the subject. In this Question Bank on Qualitative Research methods we have discussed many questions, sample questions, University level questions etc for BBA, MBA and researchers.

QRM Question Bank

A. Explain the concept of Triangulation and its types.
B. Elucidate the process of constructing a theory with suitable example.
C. Illustrate the difference between inductive and deductive methods with suitable example.
D. Explain advantages and limitations of interview techniques for data collection.
E. Explain the interrelationship between qualitative and quantitative research.
F. Elucidate the different Projective Techniques.

Important Question bank on QRM

G. Differentiate Qualitative and quantitative research
H. Zaltman’s Metaphor Elicitation Techniques
I. Explain the process of Constructing a theory in qualitative research
J. Discuss the merits and demerits of data collection through interview method

 Qualitative Research Methods Questions

  1. A top insurance company wants to understand the expectation of its customers towards various schemes it has launched recently. As a research head of the company construct a suitable qualitative research design with justification.

2. A Telecommunication company wants to understand the dealers satisfaction through interview for best practices to be applicable in the organization. Suggest suitable type of interview technique with its benefits and limitation.

3. A famous Ice-cream wants to conduct a focus group to better understand children’s perception towards their products, atmosphere in the franchise parlor room of the from the recent visited children’s. Examine the suitable method of data collection between focus group study and in-depth interview and explain the steps involved in the chosen method of data collection.

4. What is grounded theory analysis? Explain the steps involved in GTA
5. Describe reliability, validity in qualitative research.

Questions on Qualitative Research Methods:

6. Design a qualitative research approach to understand the perception of customers about OYO hotels.
7. Solve the problem of improving internal as well as external validity of a qualitative research.
8. Suggest suitable qualitative research design with justification for a Bike manufacturing company who is about to launch a new Brand.
9. Design a qualitative research to understand the emotions of the employees towards motivation.
10. Examine the role of triangulation method in the qualitative research and describe the types of triangulation technique in detail
11. Evaluate the role of projective techniques in qualitative research.

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