MBA HRM Question Bank

Below said  is the MBA HRM Question Bank. Human Resource Management question bank is useful for MBA, MPM, BBA, and other mangement courses Human Resource Management These are important questions only all the questions are not covered. This is to give an idea about how the question can be asked in exams.

1.Define Human Resource Management & discuss the difference between Personnel Management and HRM.

2.Explain in detail the process of recruitment & selection of the employees.

3.Explain the importance of training & development & further describe the need for evaluation of training program

4.Discuss the importance of Manpower planning and elaborate its objectives.

5.What is Human Resource Management? Explain the duties and responsibilities of Human Resource manager in changing economic environment.

6.Manpower planning is the process of estimating the requirement of manpower”. Explain this statement by giving process of manpower planning in detail.

7.Explain the difference between recruitment and selection.

8.Explain the process of selection in detail.

9.What is training and development?

10.Explain the various methods of training.

11.Describe Recruitment and selection process point out various resources of recruitment.

12.Explain the need and objectives of training and further discuss the process of evaluating training programme.

13.Define and explain concept of Human Resource Management.

14.Explain importance of HR in Changed economic environment.

15.Elaborate how the Training & Development activities in organization improves organization’s effectiveness.

16.Discuss in detail  about the Evolution of HRM

17.What do you mean by the concept SHRM differentiate it with that of HRM

18.Explain the terms:  a) Job Analysis   b)Job Specifications

19.Explain the Terms a)Job Description  b)Job Rotation

20. Explain the concepts Placement and Induction

21.Discuss in detail about retention of employees

22.Point out various resources of recruitment.

23.Discuss about the tools and aids used in training

24.Give the Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Training Methods

25.Give the Advantages and disadvantages of different sources of Recruitment.

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