Hi Friends,

Welcome to the world of HR! Let us Speak about Human Resource Management here.

I am one among those who is always keen to know more and more about Human Resource Management. Being in the field of Management education I am fond of both gathering and sharing information and knowledge about HR.

The desire to start this blog comes from a question that, why one has to spend more time in internet, surfing more number of sites, to get the required information about HR. If I need some case studies or MCQ’s related to the topic I have to search again for the same in other sites.

To put an end for this I thought of sharing my content with all through the medium of SpeakHR. Being an academician it is possible for me to understand the requirement of the students as well as corporate. Hence I always plan my content to fetch the need of both by way of writing articles in simple language with précised material and practical examples

Human Resource is a broader concept new concepts are evolving every now and then in Human Resource hence it is going to take a while for me to cover all topics. Still you can find Notes, MCQ’s Question Banks, Presentation Topics etc related to HR here.

I hope you all will enjoy the blog and encourage too.