HRM Case Study in Leadership

Case Study, a buzz world in modern education is a powerful tool to understand various concepts with a clear view. Leadership is one of the most discussed topic in HRM. To highlight this article HRM Case study in Leadership emphasis on both the key words. More over this HRM case study in leadership will give you an insight on various human behavior which could be evidenced in many organisations.

Further above said HRM Case study in leadership is also related to various topics like management case study, SHRM, HRM, HCM organisational behavior, organisational change development etc. Moreover this is also helpful for students, professionals, academicians etc. 

Leadership Case Study

Mr. Jerry the Human resource management of Welcon automotive Ltd a well-known automobile multinational company. Mr. Jerry is very friendly, approachable, people-oriented leader. In the other hand he is a strict leader when it comes to work, he doesn’t tolerate mistakes with regards to ethics and values. One of the top management person once said to him that “ Mr. Jerry you are a Task Master”. Jerry replied “Why do you say this”. He said, “Jerry, you know who is good at what and how to get work done from them”. Mr. Jerry said with a smile, “Yes sir I agree with you and that’s why my team always completes tasks on time.”

Majority of the employees in Welcon were very happy to work with Jerry due to his friendly nature. The employees always put extra efforts for anything which benefits the organisation. The things were going well till the organisation witness a transformation. As a part of organisational development there were many structural and policy changes in the organisation.

Organisational Change

As a part of structural change, the top management has witnessed a major change. The new top management unlike old management, was very keen in reducing the expenses of the organisation in all terms. Slowly the employees were facing many obstacles in performing their duties due to this cost cutting strategies, as the management fails to suggest any alternatives in those areas where they have implemented the cost cutting strategies.

This has created a negative impact on employees. For many employees for completing some crucial task also they need to wait for sanctioning of amount which took lot of time and energy of the employees. The employees were not aware about the reason behind the cost cutting strategy as the turnover, profit, sales etc. everything was in upward trend.

Jerry Disappointed

Mr. Jerry was also very disappointed with the ongoing instability in the organisation. Many a times he tried to highlight the issues faced by employees in completing their task. Once in personal meeting Mr. Shah (VP HR) he said ” Mr. Shah, I think it is high time to solve employees issues before it gets out of control. Also We need to bring this issue in front of our MD, CEO etc.” Mr. Shah said, “Jerry It is the decision of top management. You handle the employees at your level. That is what we can do now”. 

During the top level meeting his also Mr. Jerry’s words were, most of the time, unnoticed and many a times he was discouraged to discuss those issues.

The employees and the union have tried to discuss the issue with top management but they had failed fatefully. Hence, they have jointly decided to show their disregards by way of stopping oneself from putting their extra efforts for the organisation. They also know that this is not going to stop the basic profit of the organisation but surely this will make the management realize that they have to revisit the cost cutting policy. They successfully started implementing the things.

Employees Decision

Mr. Jerry who observed the change in employees’ activities he said to the employees “I have noticed the change in you all. I can’t support this change nor going to tolerate this”. He added, “Our way of working is not this you all have to give up this idea and  work as usual and put those extra efforts where ever required.” The employees also tried to make him understand that, “Sir, we never want to do these things but it is the last option with us to meet the management and be able to put up the issue. What else we can do”.

The employees also argued that, “Sir, try to understand us. This is just a way to make the management realize that the employees’ issue is getting worse and that needs to be solved.” They added Sir, Further we are left out with any other options.” Mr. Jerry who was dissatisfied with the reply of employees, he said “those who don’t give-up the idea will have to face the consequences in the upcoming appraisal process”.

HRM Case study


1. If you were Mr. Jerry what could be your reaction towards the employees. Which leadership style does Jerry follows.
2. What could Jerry do to solve the issue as a HR Manager.
3. Do you think that the employees are handling the issue properly. Can you suggest any other mode to show their disregards to management?

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