Short Questions on Qualitative Research Methods

Here we have discussed the short Question on Qualitative Research methods. otherwise called as question bank on QRM Qualitative Research methods. These short questions on qualitative research methods will be helpful for students of MBA, BBA, B.Com, Researchers etc. Qualitative research is a research which deals with non numerical data. Hence it is mostly used in social research.

Moreover the subject QRM Qualitative research methods is there in various courses at both UG & PG level in various Universities.  However we have listed only short questions on Qualitative Research methods. Other questions will be uploaded in other article. This question bank on QRM can be referred for short question which can be of a weightage upto 2 to 3 marks.

Short Questions on QRM

  1. Define Qualitative research

2. How Qualitative is different from Quantitative research

3. Basic ethics in Qualitative research

4. Enlist the nature of Qualitative research

5. Enlist the characteristic of Qualitative research

6. Major 3 limitations of Qualitative research

7. Define triangulation

Question Bank on QRM

8. What is case study method

9. Enlist basic Qualitative research designs

10. What are the comparative studies in Qualitative research

11. Meaning of longitudinal Qualitative study

12. Define Sampling in Qualitative research

13. what is purposive Sampling

14. Discuss theoretical sampling

Qualitative research methods questions

15. Discuss Principle of Saturation

16. Enlist basic Interview Techniques in Qualitative research

17. What is Focus Interview

18. Short notes on Problem Centric Interview

19. Define Expert Interviews

20. Discuss the concept of Ethnography

21. Grounded Theory Methodology

Simple Questions on Qualitative Research

22. Principle of Projection

23. Enlist the types of projection techniques

24. what is Construct in Qualitative Research

25. ZMET

26. Define Analytic Induction in Qualitative Research

27. Enlist the alternative criteria in Qualitative Research

28. Generalization in Qualitative Research

29. Define reliability

30. Constant Comparative Method

Above listed are few short questions on Qualitative Research methods . Here you can also find question bank on other subjects in management 




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