Question Bank on Basics of HRM

Here in this article you can find Question Bank on Basics of HRM. 20 questions are given here and these questions are designed from the basics of Human Resource Management only. You also two more sets of Question bank related to HRM by clicking in the link. Question bank in complete HRM & More Questions on HRM for MBA.

Question Bank on Human Resource of Management From Basics of HRM

1. Define and discuss objectives of HRM. Discuss the changing role of Human resource in view of changing social scenario. Explain with suitable examples.

2. Brief the concepts of Global competitiveness and Strategic HR.

3. What do you mean by Human resource management? Explain Nature & Scope HRM .

4. Explain the tools and way to implement the strategic HRM in any organization.

5. What is mean by HRM Policies & Procedure? Explain Advantages of HRM Policies.

6. In today’s highly competitive world a key question facing virtually every organization is, “What will be the human resource strategies of the effective company in the highly competitive 21st century?

7. Explain the Strategic function of HRM understood and Implemented in the company?

8. Discuss the various policies that are being framed by HR department in any organization.

9. Explain the Nature and components of SHRM in detail.

10. Explain the Devanna et al’s Matching Model of SHRM.

11. What is Human Resource Management? Explain the duties and responsibilities of Human Resource manager in changing economic environment.

12. Define and explain concept of Human Resource Management.

13. Explain importance of HR in Changed economic environment.

14. Discuss in detail about the Evolution of HRM

15. What do you mean by the concept SHRM differentiate it with that of HRM

16. Explain the concept of SHRM and also discuss the concept of Linking Strategy in SHRM

17. Define “Human resource management” What is the importance of H.R.M in present Global scenario?

18. Discuss the Strategic role of HRM in today’s modern business scenario

19. Discuss the concept of HRM and also differentiate HRM and personnel Management

20. Define “Human resource management” Explain framework of HRM.

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