Need and importance of Human Resource Planning

Here you can find the need and importance of Human Resource Planning which is also called as Man Power Planning. In modern Organisational scenario the need for Man power planning is increasing and the organisations also started giving importance to the human resource planning activity. Let us discuss the need and importance of manpower planning in detail.

  • HRP is important because without a clear-cut manpower planning, estimation of a organization’s human resource need is reduced to mere guesswork. It is only after HRP is done, that the company can initiate and plan the recruitment and selection process.
  •  There is a myth that is prevailing that HRP is important for HR department but in real HRP is a sub-system in the total organizational planning and not a sub system of HR department alone.
  • HRP facilitates the realization of the company’s objectives by providing right type and right number of personnel.
  • HRP helps to forecast the future personnel needs of the whole organisation for achieving the goal of the organisation.
  • HRP supports the organisation to Cope with change. As HRP considers the organisational goal and estimate the need for human to achieve the goal and also predict the future change and accommodate the human accordingly.
  • HRP estimates the need fr man power well in advantage hence the organisation will get ample of time to locate best professional suitable for the post. Hence HRP assures Creating highly talented personnel
  • HRP also assures Protection of weaker sections. HRP also includes transfers as a step in it hence if a person found to be weaker in doing a particular task HRP will find an alternate place where the organisation can accommodate him. Thus the fear of weaker section losing the job will be reduced with the help of HRP.
  • HRP also paves a way for International strategies ( eg . Extension strategy). During the process the HRP if the HR department found that the organisation is having excess employees or much talented employees who can work in international level or if the organisation plans to go at a multinational level in either of the three cases HRP ensures the highest possibilities in the success of international strategies.
  • Upper management has a better view of HR dimensions of business because HRP assist Better opportunities to include women and minorities in future growth plans of the organisation. Also helps in better planning of assignments to develop managers.
  • Management can anticipate imbalances before they become unmanageable and expensive specially in human capital management.
  • HRP is also helpful to the society as it also meet the Major and successful demands on local labour markets

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