Meaning of Human Resource Planning

Meaning of Human Resource planning is clearly explained in this article. You can also find objectives, need and techniques of manpower planning. HRP is also called as manpower planning is the process by which a management determines how an organization should move from its current manpower position to its desired manpower position.

That means it is by keeping in mind the organizational goal the HR department will decide a plan about how much human resource is required to successfully achieve the organization goal in the future coming year.

Objectives of Manpower Planning

• To use the human resource efficiently.

• To identify the surplus or deficit of man power and take actions accordingly.

• To meet the organization`s manpower needs in terms of quality and quantity .

• To improve KSA (Knowledge Skill and Attitude) of employees

• To predict the level of labour turnover and make alternative arrangements.

Need of Human Resource Planning (HRP)

• HRP gives a clear picture about the human requirement in the organisation so HRP becomes a most before going for recruitment and selection process.

• It is not wise to differentiate HRP from that of Organizational planning. As staffing is one of the function and HRP is all about staffing HRP must be considered as a sub-system of total organizational planning.

• HRP ensures Right type and Right number of personnel in the organization which will be one of the major factors in achieving organizational goal.

• One of the importance of HRP is it gives a clear-cut manpower planning, without this estimation of a organization’s human resource need is reduced to mere guesswork.

Manpower Forecasting Techniques: –

There are several methods used in various organizations to

Management Judgment: In this method the management or the departmental head decide the manpower requirement by their own judgment. They don’t use any particular system or technique to specify the number of manpower required

Ration-Trend Analysis: In this method the HR department along with the managers analysis the past ratio of manpower requirement and decide the future manpower requirement by considering the current position of the organization.

Work Study Techniques: This method is possible only when the organization is able to calculate the length of its operations and work measurement and on basis of that the manpower requirement for the future period will can be calculated.

Delphi Techniques: This method is undertaken by number of experts in the organization who works as a group for this purpose and the HRP group as a bridge of communication which will collect reports from various sources and make it available to experts.

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