Human Resource Planning Process

Human Resource Planning Process is which is also known as process of HRP says how the human resource department go about the Human Resource Planning. Let us discuss the meaning of human resource planning and the process of Human Resource Planning.

Human Resource Planning can be defined as “Process of forecasting, developing & controlling human resource in an enterprise.”

Human Resource Planning is a process which enables the organization to run smoothly by supplying required and desired work force at the right time. The human resource planning is done based on the organizational Plan.

Following are the general activities which are included in the process of Human Resource Planning:-

a) Forecasting future HR needs
The first activity needs to be done in HRP is to understand the requirement of organization in terms of human resources. It should be analysed in two ways one skill requirement and other is knowledge wise.
b) Analysing existing HR
Then the HR must take a record of available human resource in the organization. As done in the forecasting here also the existing human need to be categorized in Skill wise and knowledge wise.
c) Forecasting future HR process
After analysing required and existing human resource in the organization the next step will be to plan the process. This step is very crucial. In this stage only HR department decides
• whether there is a need for recruitment or not
• if yes then how much
• what will be the source or process of recruitment etc…
d) Implementation of HR plan
Whatever plan the HR have done in the previous step need to be implemented in this step. The practical difficulties of the plan can be sorted out in this step.
e) Evaluate & redesign of HR plan
Once the plan has been implemented it is very must to evaluate the result obtained. When the result is not up to the mark then the HR plan has to be redesigned.

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