Scope of Human Resource Management

The scope of Human Resource Management is very vast. The concept of Human Resource Management is spread in every organization at each level. It forms an inevitable part of any organization. The scope of HRM is extends throughout the working life time of the employee in the organization. Starting from entry till exist of the employee in the organization is under the purview of HRM.

Human Resource plays a vital role in the work life of each employee. HRM role begins when the employee enters the organization and extends till the employees leave the organization.

Scope of HRM in personal aspects of employees are:

Human Resource Planning: HRM analyze the organizational goal, estimate the required human force, compare it with that of available human power and prepare a forecast for future recruitment plan.

Recruitment & Selection:  Recruitment and selection is the function that is assist by the human resource department. HR department collects the recruitment details from the respective departments and start the recruitment process. Pertaining to Recruitment and selection the role of HRM is to encourage deserving candidates to apply for the post, schedule the interview of candidates, organizing the selection procedure, assisting in selecting candidates and placing them in right place.

Compensation and rewards: It is challenging job to retain the talented employees in the organization. Proper compensation and reward policy is one such tool to retain the employees in the organization. HRM takes care of the proper compensation to be paid to the employees and the deserving employees to be rewarded for the efficiency.

Training and development: The scope of HRM also spreads in giving appropriate training and development to the employees. The properly trained and developed employees will always a asset to the organization. The HR department plan, schedule, organize, conduct and evaluate the training and development activities as a part of HR function.

Performance Appraisal: Performance Appraisal is a crucial activity in any organization. This benefits both organization and employees themselves. A well-structured, transparent, clear, communicated Performance appraisal system conducted in proper intervals will add benefit to organization. The Human resource management conducts the performance appraisal activities in the above said manner under its purview.

Personnel Roles: HRM also performs other personnel function to administrate employees in the organization like maintaining their attendance, time keeping, maintaining personal file PF gratuity records etc.

Separation: Scope of HRM also extends till separation of the employees. It may be any type of separation of the employee all the procedure of separation of employees will be followed by HRM. Taking Exit interview of those employees who are leaving the organization will also come under the purview of HRM. HRM also concern about the final settlement of the employees like gratuity, PF etc.

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