Types of Work Team

There are various Types of Work Team that is developed in the organization. Here let us see the types of work team and discuss in detail about the same.

Types of Work Team:

The various types of work team are as follows:

  • Task Team
  • Problem solving
  • Self managed team
  • Cross functional team
  • Virtual Team

Task Team:-

when ever a task needs to be completed in an organization then a task team will be formed which includes people with different skill sets required for completing a task.

Problem solving:-

When a problems occurs in an organization which needs a team effort to be solved then a team will be formed which is called as problem solving team

Self managed team:-

Which is also called as self motivated team or self natural team. In this team the members decide their plans day to day activities by themselves. The fix their objective and target for the betterment of organization and need no or less supervision.


Cross functional team :-

Cross Functional Teams are teams in which the members belongs to various functional areas. Eg. Members will be from areas like marketing, human resources, marketing, finance etc… When a task need to be completed which demands expertise from various functional areas then Cross functional team will be a best solution. The members will be from various background hence their knowledge can be utilized to complete the task easily.

Virtual Team:-

Virtual teams are also known as distributed teams or remote teams. In this teams the members will be located in various geographical areas and connected through technology like internet. If the organization wants to make a team of area sales managers of various geographical areas then such team will be called as Virtual Team.

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