Quality Circle Process

In this article you can find the Quality Circle Process clearly. in involves totally 8 steps. and all the 8 steps are explained here for your reference.


When a Quality circle is formed they need to follow certain process to solve the issue which ever they have taken as a priority. The following are the general steps which a quality circle follows in an organization.

1. Identification of Problem

As a first step they identify the problems existing in the organization. In every organization especially in manufacturing there will be number of minute problems which needs attention so the Quality circle will first identify such issues.

2. Selection of problem

After identifying various problems the quality circle will priorities the problem and select one problem which needs to be solved immediately.

3. Analysis of problem

In this step they will analysis the problem which they have selected. Under analysis of problem they have 3 steps or things to be followed. Namely

a) Identify cause of problem:-

While analyzing the problem the circle will try to find out the reasons which are responsible for the problem.

b) Treat each cause as a Problem:-

If there are more than one reason for a single problem they treat each reason as a separate problem

c) Develop solution for each Problem:-

And they develop solution for each reason which creates the problem.

4. Management Presentation

The members of quality circle prepares a detailed presentation on i) Problems they have identified ii) what basis they have selected the problem, iii) how they analysed the problem, iv) what are the reasons that they identified as the cause for the problem V) And the the solutions that they have identified for each cause. The presentations will be given in front of the management people.

5. Management Decision

After seeing the presentation the management will decide whether to approve the solutions that have been developed by the quality circle. Will it be fruitful for the organization or not. If the management found the solution as a acceptable one then they will allow the quality circle to proceed with the identified action. If not they will ask the quality circle to find some alternate actions.

6. Implementation

As soon as the management sanctioned the solutions suggested by quality circle then the members in quality circle will take steps to implement the solutions in the organization practically. They will guide the non members and other workers and staff in the organization about how the new method can be implemented properly.

7. Presentation on implementation

At the end the members of Quality circle will take a review and feedback about the new method and give a presentation, on how it is been implemented and result of such implementation, in front of management.

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