Meaning of Mediation

Here we have discussed the meaning of mediation. we have also covered the types and process of mediation in this article. Mediation is a part of industrial relation. It is the first step in grievance handling process. Understanding the meaning of mediation its types and process will be helpful for both employees and organisation.

Mediation is a process by which a dispute is referred to a third party, who will invent in the dispute and promote the parties to settle the dispute voluntarily.  Mediation is a peace making process which is found when parties disagree. Example: when War arise between two nations or Dispute between labour and management etc. Mediation is useful in maintaining national and international Peace and it is also highly important in maintaining Industrial Relations

It enables the mediator to bring the opposite parties together and helps to find out the problem between them. The mediator also tries to suggest alternative solutions.

The mediator can be a/an ( Types of Mediation)

(i) Eminent outsider

(ii) Non-government board

(iii) Boards attached to government system

The process of mediation can be easily understood through the following points:

  • A third party will help to settle dispute by means of negotiation
  • With the consent of both the parties a mediator plays the role of confidential adviser and diplomat
  • The mediator will not give any judgement but will simply evaluate the parties
  • He can suggest a better solution to the parties through his experience and knowledge
  • He cannot force the parties to accept his own decision
  • He tries to make the parties to agree as per their own regards
  • It is highly a positive process to settle the dispute and maintain Industrial relations in a long run.

Thus it can be concluded that mediation leads to a positive action by a third party to bring about a settlement of dispute judgement must be left to the parties and ask them to finalize the solution.

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