Features of Collective Bargaining (CB)

The features of Collective bargaining (CB) make collective bargaining, also known as CB, as one of the important part of Industrial Relations. When the collective bargaining is practised effectively in an organization the industrial relations will also be a recognizable level. Let us discuss the features in detail:

1. Collective / Joint process:

Collective bargaining is basically a negotiation between the representatives of two parties. Hence collective bargaining is always a joint process only. Both the parties should get involve in that in the same manner.

2. It is a continuous process: 

Collective bargaining is a continuous process not a one time process. Collective bargaining initiates the parties to sign a contract which speaks about the future relationship of the parties. So Signing of the contract is not the end of collective bargaining but it is the beginning of the collective bargaining.

3. Dynamic process:

Collective bargaining is a dynamic process as it approaches a problem in every angle. CB helps to look the problem from the side of both the party. So the solution reached by way of collective bargaining is always proved to be a dynamic solution.

4. Flexible Process:

Even though there is systematic process for collective bargaining it is designed to be flexible. Both the parties can improve or change the process by mutually agreeing to it.

5. Industrial Democracy:

As discussed collective Bargaining is a negotiation between both the parties. Here both the parties will get every right to discuss the problem and put forth the solution beneficial to them. Hence both the parties will get freedom and right to speech. Thus collective bargaining is a form of Industrial Democracy.

6. Give and Take Approach:
By negotiation both the parties tries to arrive at a point which will be beneficial to both. Hence collective bargaining initiates a give and take approach. Where the parties will give up something for the other party and take something from that party.

7. Attempts to maintain Discipline:

When collective bargaining is in practice employees are well aware that their genuine problems will get a solution by means of collective bargaining. So when ever any dispute occurs they will prefer to go for collective bargaining rather than indulging themselves in any indiscipline activity.

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