Quality Circles

Quality circles is a group of (generally 7-10) employees who tries to identify the quality issues and productive problems and they try to propose solutions for those problem and get the solution sanctioned and implement the same in the organization. They also monitor the implementation and gives feedback about the implementation to the management.

Quality Circles are self-managed teams. The general issues handled by QC are issues related to quality, cost, safety and efficiency. Some times management reward with members for best solutions in QC but not always.


• To develop, enhance & utilize Human Resource

Through Quality circles it is possible to develop and enhance the employees in the organisation.

• To improve quality of production and services, Productivity & reduce cost of Product.

As the employees are involve directly in the quality circle they will be cautious about the quality and also on the cost effective techniques.

• To satisfy employees psychological needs for self urge, (Participation, recognition etc) to motivate them.

The employees involved in quality circles motivate the other employees to satisfy their self urge in terms of Participation and recognition

• To improve supervisory skills

Quality circle also aims to improve the supervisory skills of the employees.

• To utilize individual skills effectively.

Quality circle also attempts to identify the individual skills and utilize those skills effectively both for the benefit of the organisation as well as the employees.

The above said are the objectives of the Quality Circle.

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