Stages in Group Development

A Group has to come across various stages in Group Development in other words you can say that there are various stages in group formation. Let us see the stages in detail by Bruce Tuckman.

Group Development

There were many researchers who were trying to develop a model for group development. As it will take a time to form a group it cannot be formed in over night.

And each researcher comes out with different model later in 1965 Bruce Tuckman reviewed more than 50 studies and come with an model which consist of four stages.

Tuckman found these 4 stages in most of the studies so he took this 4 common stage in group development.

He continued his study for years together and added one more stage during 1977.

Finally the 5 stage group development model came into practice.


The first stage in group development, characterized by much uncertainty the stage is complete when interpersonal relations are completed

Example: Five marketing executives are asked to form a group to complete the task of marketing their product in a local exhibition. In this stage all the five members will form a group and try to develop a feel of group members among themselves.


The second stage in group development, characterized by intra-group conflict.

In the storming stage the group will have more internal conflicts. Each member will compete with every other member of the group. Each one of the ember wants to prove that they are important in the group.

Example: Here the marketing executives will tries to dominate each other. among the five the one who have experience will try to show him as superior to others. each one of them feels that they have to mark with higher number of sale in the exhibition.


The third stage in group development, characterized by close relationships and cohesiveness.

In the norming stage the members will get settle in the group. They will feel themselves as a part of group.The relationship among the members will be very strong.

Example: The all five executives will become comfortable  with each other in this stage. They will understand the importance of each members by this time. In this stage all the 5 executives will feel that the group as a whole must achieve the target and prove themselves as a best group.


The fourth stage in group development, when the group is fully functional.

This is the stage where the group actually performs the given task. Each member will be assigned with a task and they will perform their duty.

Example: This stage happens on the day of exhibition. All 5 members actively participate and work for their group in the exhibition hall.


The final stage in group development for temporary groups, characterized by concern with wrapping up activities rather than task performance.

Once the given task is done the members will get separated and the group will be dissolved which is also known as Adjourning.

Example: The executives after the exhibition is over they will analyse their performance in the exhibition and will dissolve the group and will wait for new assignment.

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