Why Labour Laws

Why Labour Laws ? Why to have a separate division called labour law? In which situation there arises a need to have a separate law for labours. These are some of the common questions which arise in our mind when we come across such labour laws. Here you will find the solutions for the above said questions.

Impact of World War-I

The First World War brought in many changes in the economy of several countries as a whole. Basically the cost of living increased tremendously. The scenario left the society in a struggling situation. Most of the employees had come to a sitution that they must be in job to support their family.

Imbalance of demand and supply of labours:

Due to this the employees were depending on the job which becomes their only source of income to run their day to day life. So the supply of labour was very high. In the other hand the industries were run by the people who were capable to invest capital in it. They were very few in numbers. So the demand for labours was limited.

Employers rules the society:

The employers make the rules regarding wage, working hours, leaves etc at their favour. Because of which the labours suffered a lot. The struggles faced by the labours during this period were so high.

Choice Im-parity

The employers had many choices in labours, so the one, who stands against any rule of the management, will be fired and without any point of time they will be replaced by other employee. The employees in the other hand have no option except accepting and tolerating the rules made by the employer.

Economically imbalance:

The Employers forms very minor part of the society still rules the society. The employee who forms the major part of the society suffers and struggles a lot for survival. This situation creates imbalance economically in the society. The employees started creating groups among themselves.

Labour Law Evolved:

This creates an alarming situation to the government to take actions to bring a peace in the society. This is why the government took several steps to bring various acts. This is how Labour laws come in to practice.

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