Strategic Role of Middle Level Managers

It is important to know the strategic role of middle level managers. The managers who are in the front-line of any product or service are known as middle managers They are also called as line managers, middle level managers, front line managers, Junior Managers etc.. They are in direct contact with the employees who execute the business. Their role is significant in execution of the strategies and policies framed by the top level management in organisations of all sizes.


  • All the strategies, policies and other frameworks developed by the top level management will be executed by the middle managers.
  • They take the responsibility of effective implementation of the things to achieve success in the business.

Ensuring Quality in all process:

  • The line managers are directly involved in the execution process. They ensure quality in each aspect, process to run of the business.
  • The middle managers execute a minute supervision to assure quality in each aspect. The top management set the quality standards and the middle managers ensures that the set standards are met.

Aligning With Business Strategy:

  • The middle managers general align the day-to-day activities of the organisation in line with the business strategy.
  • The activities like recruitment, short-term planning, sourcing etc must be aligned with the long-term business strategy.
  • Else there will be gap between planning and execution of the strategy. The middle managers take this responsibility.

Evaluation and corrective action:

  • The middle managers also evaluate the activities and directions of the operations of the business at an operational and functional level. This will enable to be in tune with the business strategy.
  • If the line management feels that the evaluation feedback is not in a proper direction or not in line with business strategy the corrective actions will be planned by the middle managers itself.

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