Structure of Quality Circle

In the below given article you can find the Structure of Quality Circle.

Quality Circle:

Quality circle consist of group of employees who are working together in an organisation. This is a voluntary group formed by the employees who meet in a fixed interval to discuss about the issues related to the quality.

Below said is the structure of quality circle. The participants of the qulaity circle can be bifurcated in the below said manner.


1. Non member

Help in implementing the ideas of members.

2. Members

Contributing views in problem identification , problem solving by attending meeting.

3. Leader

Conduct meeting, create enthusiasm, Keep track of meeting, training members.

4. Facilitator

The role of facilitator will be –

a) Link between leader and steering committee

b) give training to member and leader

c) provide feedback to Steering committee about the results of QC.

d) Help in preparing presentations

e) Evaluate QC Program.

5. Steering committee

The role of Steering committee

a) Provide budget for Quality Circle

b) Make QC as part of Organisation goal

c) Supplying resources to Quality Circle

( Generally the dept head will be in this)

6. Top Management

CEO, MD, GM, Chairman are in this level without their support QC cannot be successful.

7. Coordinating Agency

Even though there is no special department for QC an committee is formed among the employees to:-

1) Prepare agenda for meeting

2) Maintaining report on QC operations

3) Coordinating training program and arranging seminar etc.

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