Nature of HRM

The nature of HRM which is known as Human resource management can be described in various terms. The field of human resource management is developing day by day due to its nature. Let us discuss some of the nature of human resource management here.


HRM is Persistent in nature. It is present in every organization immaterial of the fact that the organization is a government or private, Manufacturing or service, small scale or large scale, IT or auto mobile etc. The concept of HRM is applicable to every organization and it is not restricted only to certain type of organization.

Focused on Accomplishment:

The nature of HRM focuses on accomplishment of organizational goal. HRM is said to be action oriented. And every action of hrm is directed towards the accomplishment of organizational goal.

 Focused on People:

People are the main concern of HRM as the name itself says, HRM considered Human as resources. Hence the very basic nature of HRM is it is people focused. The focus on people starts from recruiting them, train them, develop them, appraise them, compensate them and it extends till separation of people from the organization.

Focused on Development:

Organizational Development is a growing concept which aids the organization to cope up with the changes in the external environment. HRM is the tool through which organizational development can be implemented.

Maintains cordial Relations:

Human Resource Management helps to maintain cordial relations among the employees in the organization. It creates a cordial environment throughout the organization. HRM helps to build a bridge between employees at every level right from lower level to top level employees. It reduces the gap between the employees and aids them to integrate at a best possible way.

Challenging Role:

The main function of HRM is to deal with people. This is the most challenging role as each individual is unique nature. People are very unique by their sentiments, feelings, beliefs etc. Unlike machines each employees are required to be handled in a different manner.


HR department performs as a service provider to the employees of the organization. The employees can get assistance from the HR department for performing their duty effectively and efficiently.

Never Ending: The role of HRM is not only for a specific period. It is a continuous process. HRM exist at every point of time in the operations of the organization.

Multi-Disciplinary: HRM is a multidisciplinary function. It includes various filed like psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics etc.

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