New Revised MMS HRM Syllabus Mumbai University

Find the New Revised MMS HRM syllabus Mumbai University

1. Human Resource Management
Its Scope,Relationship with other Social Sciences
Approaches to Human Resource Management / Inter-Disciplinary Approach

2. Organization of Personnel Functions
Personnel Department, Its Organization, Policies, Responsibilities and Place in the Organization.

3. Manpower Planning
Job Analysis
Job Description
Scientific Recruitment and
Selection Methods.

4. Motivating Employees
Motivational Strategies
Incentives Schemes
Job enrichment, Empowerment Job Satisfaction
Personnel Turnover.

5. Performance Appraisal Systems
MBO Approach
Performance Counseling
Career Planning.

6. Training & Development
Identification of Training Needs
Training Methods
Management Development Programmes.

7. Organisation Development
Organisation Structures
Reengineering, Multi-Skilling

8. Management of Organizational Change.

9. HRD Strategies for Long Term Planning & Growth.
Productivity and Human Resource Management

10. Case Studies and Presentations

Reference Text
1. Human Resource Management P.Subba Rao
2. Personnel Management C.B. Mammoria
3. Dessler: Human Resource Management(Prentice Hall India)
4. Personnel/Human Resource Management: DeCenzo & Robbins (Prentice Hall India)
5. D. K. Bhattacharya: Human Resource Management (Excel)
6. VSP Rao Human Resource Management(Excel)
7. Gomez: Managing Human Resource (Prentice Hall India)
8. Human Resource Management Dr P Jyothi and Dr D.N Venkatesh Oxford Publications.

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