New Revised MBA HRM Syllabus Pune University

Find the new revised MBA HRM syllabus Pune University.

Subject Code: 203

Marks: 100

Distribution of Marks:

  •  50 (External Written)
  • 20 (External Online Exam)
  • 30 (Internal Marks by College)


Unit 1 Framework of Human Resource Management:

Introduction to HRM and framework – Nature of HRM, Scope of HRM, HRM: Functions and Objectives, HRM: Policies and practices

HRM and SHRM – Nature of SHRM, The strategic functions of HRM understood and implemented in the company, Global competitiveness and Strategic HR, Linkage of organizational and HR strategies

Models of SHRM – The Integrated system model, Devanna et. al – strategic human resource management “matching model”

Unit 2 HR Procurement:

Job Analysis and Design – Job Analysis: introduction, Importance of job analysis, purpose of job analysis, benefits of job analysis, competency based job analysis, Job Design: Writing job description, introduction, and factors affecting job design. Job characteristics model (Hackman and Oldham, 1976) of effective job and job satisfaction.

Human Resource Planning – The need of man power planning , What is Human Resource Planning, Definition, objectives, importance, benefits, the process of Human resource planning, Preparing manpower inventory.( supply Forecasting)

Recruitment – Strategic approach to recruitment, Labour markets and recruitment, Geographic labour markets, Global labour markets, Industry and occupational labour markets, Educational and technical labour markets, Unemployment rate and labour markets, Recruiting and diversity considerations, Employment advertising, Recruiting Diverse workers, Recruiting Source choices: internal vs. external – Internal: Organizational Database, Job postings, Promotions and Transfers, Current Employee Reference and Rerecruiting of former employees and applicants, External: College and University recruiting, school recruiting, Labour Unions, Employment agencies and head hunters, competitive sources, media sources, E-Recruiting methods – Internet job boards, Professional / career websites, Employer websites Selection – Introduction to selection process, Selection procedure

Unit 3 Training and Development –

Employee Training and Development Nature of training, Training process, Training needs assessment, Training evaluation, Training design, Implementing Training programs(Training methods), Implementing management development programs

Unit 4 Employee Appraisal & Compensation –

Performance- Definition, Why to measure Performance, Use of performance data, measurement Process, Performance feedback, compensation- concept, Traditional approach, current trends in compensation, Linking compensation with performance- Advantages & Problems, Team based Incentives

Unit 5 Managing Employee Relations –

Concept, Importance, Organizational Entry, employee Status, Flexible Work arrangement, Employee Surveys, Handbooks, Violations of Policy/ Discipline, Organizational Exit, Termination, Resignation, downsizing, Lay off Retirement

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