SHRM Question Bank, University Questions

Here you can find the SHRM question Bank, University Questions and also the questions frequently asked in Exam. Strategic Human resource management is an external subject in most of the university for courses like MBA, MPM, MHRM, M.Com etc. We have tried to give the question bank, important questions for SHRM here.

SHRM Question Bank, University Questions:

1. What is SHRM. Differentiate SHRM and HRM.
2. Discuss the various approaches and challenges of SHRM
3. Describe the scenario of SHRM in Indian context. Also compare it with western context.
4. Explain the need of SHRM and its impact in modern business scenario
5. Define HR strategies. Also discuss its types.
6. “Implementation of HR strategies can improve organisation efficiency”. comment
7. Describe strategic partner model with Dawid Ulrich model and business partnering.
8. What are the big challenges in retaining the employees. Discuss the factors affecting employee retention.
9. What is career planning? Why it is important. What are the steps involved in it
10. What do you mean by ‘Competencies’. How it is useful in developing a strategy.
11. “Culture development can be achieved through HR strategies” Discuss
12. Explain cultural issues in merger and acquisitions along with its effects on organisation performance.
13. Explain some strategies for improving organisational effectiveness.
14. What is learning organisation? Develop some strategies for that.
15. What is cross culture sensitivity? Why it is to be developed.
16. Explain the training and development of international staff. How it is different from training national staff.
17. “HR functions add value to organization” discuss
18. What do you understand by international compensation? Discuss the factors influencing compensation policy
19. Brief the terms career planning and succession planning. What is the relation between the terms?
20. Explain the term global compensation issue. What are the strategies that can be followed to handle the issue?


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