17 Things to remember in Solving A Case Study

Below discussed is the 17  things that you should remember while solving a  management case study. Solving a case study is where the students face much problem. As many university does not give any clear guidance for solving a case study students don’t get clear picture on how to solve the case study. Hence here we have given 17 things to remember in solving a case study.

Let us see the points one by one:-

# 1. Read Completely: At first read the  case completely.Each and every line of the case will give you some idea about the answer. So read the case carefully.

#2. Note key  words: Take a note of the key words from the case. Key words are those words  which are very important in the case study. to say further the words which the case is about. for example Key words will be like Globalization, Motivation, Cost control etc.

#3.  Give introduction: Always start the answer with a introduction which gives a complete idea about the case. You describe the complete case in about two to three paragraph.

#4. Highlight key word: In introduction you also give a stress to the above said key word. Give the introduction in all type of case studies like with or with out questions.

If questions are given

#5. Answer the questions: If the questions are given start writing the answers after introduction.  Once the introduction is done focus on the given questions.

#6. Go by sequence:  While writing the answers also go by sequence. Answer all the questions given along with the case.

#7. Precise Answer: The answers must be precise. Not so lengthy not so short. Justify the weight age of the questions with the size of your answer.

#8. Use Theories: If applicable use the management theories while answering the questions. Example if the case is about motivation you can use theories like Maslow’s theory, Two factor theory etc.

#9.Conclude:  Once you complete the answers give a clear conclusion about the case. Give the conclusion in two to three paragraphs.

If questions are not given:

#10. Identify problems: If the questions are not given in the case identify the problems and list the problems

# 11. Identify More problems: More than one problem: In case you have listed more than one problem, consider the first problem as first question, second problem as second question and so on.

#12. Solutions: State the Solutions for the problems. If you have identified more than one problem answer for all the problems.

#13. Solution for each problem: Again you give solution for each problem which ever you have listed. Solution for each problem is must.

#14. Best option:  If you have more than one solution for one problem give the solutions as option 1, 2, 3  etc.. and at the end write the best option to solve the problem.

15# Relevant title: If you are asked to give a title for the case then try to give the title related to the key word that you have selected. Add trendy words in the title —– need for the hour, demonetization boon or bane, It is not compensation matters but it is motivation etc.

16# Use points/Bulletins: Try to give point wise answers using bulletins or side headings etc. Never use lengthy sentences or long paragraphs.

17# Time management: As a whole the main thing to be considered while solving a case study is Time management. Justify the time you are utilizing for the case study with that of the mark assigned.

Hope you will find this article helpful.

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