3 Best Ways to Solve a Management Case Study

You will find 3 Best Ways to Solve a Management Case Study here. We have explained 3 methods on how to solve a case study. Management case studies are a part of syllabus in many subjects specially for MBA, M.Com, B.Com and BBA students. Even there are various methods to write the solution for the case study here we have discussed the top 3 best ways to solve a management case study. Hence students can make the best use of methods of solving a case study. You can also make your own method by combining any of the given methods. Let us discuss the methods in detail.

#1 If the Questions are given

In most of the case study the questions are given at the end of the case. Solving these type of case studies are easy as you know for which problems you need to give answers. You can solve it by following the steps like.

Step 1: Write synopsis: In the synopsis you give a brief about the case. Read the case completely and describe the whole case in a short form. This will be like a introduction about the case. One who reads the synopsis must be able to understand the whole case.

Step 2: Start writing answer for the given questions in the following manner.

  • Try to write the answers in point wise if possible give sub headings.
  • Write minimum 20 sentences in each answer.
  • Avoid writing big sentences.
  • Lengthy paragraphs confuses the examiner. So prefer short paras.

Step 3: Complete all the questions

Complete all the given questions in the above said manner itself. If possible try to link you answer with any of the concept of the management like Decentralization, Theories of Motivation, Leadership skill, Decision making power etc. Highlight the quoted theory.

Step 4: If you are been asked to select a heading/title for the case study give a catchy title. Don’t give plain title or usual title. Make the title more interesting Eg.

If the case study is about change management you can give title like ” Change Management- Need of the hour”

Also justify the tile. Means you need to explain on what basis you have choose the given title to the case.

Step 5: Give conclusion

We have given introduction to the case in way of synopsis. In the same way we need to sum up the case by means of conclusion. Conclude the case by giving the major points that you have discussed. How you approached the case etc.  The conclusion must enable the reader to understand how you solved the case. what technique you have used Etc..

# 2 If the questions are not given

In certain cases the questions will not be given. the students get many doubts on how these case studies needs to be solved. Here we have given simple idea which you can try to use for your case study.

Step 1: Introduction

Write a brief introduction of the case. Sum up the case in less than one page. You have to give the introduction in such a way that it gives a clear idea about the whole case.

Step 2: Find the problems of the case

This step will play a major role in the case. Here you need to find out the problems in the case. This problem will be your questions. you have to give solution for those problems

example: If the case is about decreasing sales : Why the Sale is decreased in the given period

If the profit is decreasing : Reason for decreasing in profit

If the employees are leaving the organisation: Reason for high attrition rate

These are few examples like this you have to find the problems and list out the same. You can treat this as statement of problem.

Step 3: Reasons for problem

Here in this step you need to find the reason for the problem and also give solution for the problem. This step will able you to shoe your management concepts.

In the above discussed example If you discuss on decrease in sales you have to locate the reason for decrease in sale. It may be any thing you have to list down all the reasons. Like Decrease in quality, Increased competition, non meeting to customers need, out dated product, alternatives available etc. List out all the possible reasons relevant to the case.

Step 4: Solutions for problem

In this step you have to identify the solution for each problem which you have stated in the earlier step. As stated in the earlier step you have to locate the problems in the case with utmost care. This will allow you to find the best solutions for the problems located by you.

While giving solution you analyse the case properly and give only those solutions which are relevant to the case. Finding the actual problems, and identifying the possible reasons for the problem and finally giving the best possible solutions will give you good impression

Step 5: Conclusion

The final step is the conclusion. as discussed in the earlier type in this type also you can give an overall view as conclusion to a maximum of 2 paragraph.

# 3 Giving options

This is the best method of solving a case study. You can use this method in any type of case study even with or without questions. You can use this method to answer the questions in the given case (type 1) or the problems that you framed (type 2).

Here in this method you give all available options of each and every solution. For every problem there will be various solutions available. You can list down each option and give the advantages and disadvantage of each option and finally you can justify the best option among the options that you have listed. It looks like,

Question Number 1:

How to improve the moral of the employees (as per type 1 question given in the case)

The morale of the employees is less it needs to be increased (as per type 2 the problem identified by you)


Explain the question

Option 1: Motivate the employees







Option 2: Rewards/awards







Option 3: Employee welfare







Best Option: Here you compare option 1, 2 & 3. Also mention which is the best option according to you finally You must also justify why it is the best option for you.

Note: This method is difficult to follow if more than 3 questions are given in the case as it consumes much time. You can select the important question and answer in this method other questions you can answer in normal way.

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