Case Study on Entrepreneurship and opportunity

In the current scenario, many youngsters want to see themselves as an entrepreneur. The urge for Entrepreneurship is increasing day by day.  This case study on Entrepreneurship and opportunity deals with a situation on how one can grasp the opportunity and fulfill the dream of Entrepreneurship.

About the case:

This case study on entrepreneurship and opportunity is provided with solutions for you to easily understand the given situation. YOu can also to analyze the case study on Entrepreneurship and opportunity, and find the solution for the case study. This case study also will help you to convert negative situations to your positive plans. Through this, case study, you can understand that even the worst situation can be analyzed and get converted to an opportunity. 

Title: Case Study on Entrepreneurship and Opportunity

Vikram, a young and tech-savvy guy, wants to be an entrepreneur and could not fulfill his dream due to a lack of financial support from the family, always looks depressed and stressed. He got habituated to the games and video-making apps where he spends most of his time. He was highly engaged in 2 major apps one being a famous video making app in which Vikram has created and posted many videos that brought him a good number of followers. 

Vikram’s friend Vedant, one day asked him how he could create and post these many videos in the app. Vikram replied that it is possible because he learned almost all the tricks and shortcuts of the App. 

Even though Vikram was busy with his job, videos, and games, his thirst for entrepreneurship was still disturbing him almost every day.

The Opportunity 

One day Vikram was busy developing a concept for his video and the shocking news popup in his mobile which made him standstill. The popup said that the government has banned a number of Apps in the country and his video making App was one among that. He felt that his future becomes a big question mark as he will lose his followers.

Seeing his condition his friend Vedant said that Vikram I could not see you like this. Being a techno-savvy guy having good programming and coding skills and also a person trying to prove himself as an entrepreneur must see this situation as an opportunity and not a problem.  

“Vikram I don’t think you will get a better situation than this to fulfill your dream of an entrepreneur. I hope you are getting what I am trying to say” smiled Vedant.

Vikram nodded his head as a gesture of Understanding and gave a big smile to Vedant and he said “Vedant, I will convert my followers as my subscribers”.

  Questions on Case Study on Entrepreneurship and Opportunity

  1. What was vedant talking about? What was the opportunity that he was mentioning?
  2. Analyze the case and identify the supportive points for vedant’s claim.

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Solution on Case Study on Entrepreneurship and Opportunity

The solutions discussed here are just key points to give you an idea and based on my observations. You can get better solutions than this if you analyze it in your viewpoint

Question  1
  1. What was vedant talking about? What was the opportunity that he was mentioning?

Vedant was talking about the entrepreneurship thirst of Vikram. Vedant felt that rather on thinking bad and feeling depressed he must see this as an opportunity. He wants Vikram to develop one such safe Application.

Question 2

2. Analyze the case and identify the supportive points for vedant’s claim.

Following are the supportive points for Vedant Claim:

  1. Vikram is a Techno-savvy guy so he can develop an Application. He also wants to establish himself as an entrepreneur.
  2. As the government banned some apps due to security concern he can make an App and make its safety as a key selling point
  3. As Vikram knows all the shortcuts of the App he can create better Apps than the earlier ones.

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