Question Bank on Indian Contract Act 1872

Indian Contract Act 1872 is one of the important Act in India. Further all the Indians must be aware of every single Act . Below given is the Question Bank on Indian Contract Act 1872 which will be useful for students, professionals, competitive exams. Moreover you can find short questions and long question bank in Indian Contract Act 1872.

Short Questions in Indian Contract Act 1872

# What is an Agreement

#What is a Contract

# Explain Quasi Contract

# What is Wager Agreement

# When the Object of the Contract becomes Illegal

# What is a Lawful consideration

# What is an Offer

# Explain Valid Acceptance

# What are the types of Offer

# Express Vs Implied Offer

# Which point makes a contract enforceable by Law

# What are the Contracts that need not be performed

# Who all can demand the performance of the contract

# Who are all not capable to enter into a contract

# What is a breach of Contract

Short Questions on Special Contracts

# Who can be an Agent

# What are Irrevocable Agency

# What is a contract of Agency

# What is a contract of Indemnity

# What is Contract of Guarantee

# Who are all the parties in Contract of Guarantee

# What are the rights of Indemnity Holder

# What are the Rights of Surety

# Explain Types of Guarantee

# What are the essentials of Contract of Agency

Long Questions in Indian Contract Act 1872

  • Explain the essentials of Valid Contracts (or) All contracts are agreements but all agreements are not contract- Justify
  • What is Lawful Consideration also explain its exemptions (or)  No consideration No contract- Comment also give exemptions
  • Explain Free and Genuine consent with examples
  • Explain the classification of Contract
  • Explain the ways in which a contract can be discharged
  • Explain the Contract of Indemnity in detail
  • Explain the Contract of Guarantee
  • Differentiate Indemnity and Guarantee
  • How the Contract of Agency is created
  • How the Contract of Agency is terminated

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