Current Topics for Presentation in HR

Here you can find Current Topics for Presentation in HR. It is always good to give presentation on current issues in Human Resource Management. Hence we have given Current and Interesting Topics for Presentation in HR.

Few Latest topics in HRM for presentation include :

Essentials of improving Employee Status

Importance of Employee Relations

Best Practices of Employee Relations

Recruitment through Employee Referral Programs

Methods and importance of Direct Compensation

Methods and importance of Indirect Compensation

Need of Flexible Work Arrangements

Methods of Employee Survey

Importance and content of Employee Handbook

How to create Employer Branding

Strategies of Organisational Entry

Organisational Exit

Linking Compensation and Performance

Management of Employee Differences

Productivity linked Bonus

MBO as a method of Performance Appraisal

Human Capital Index

Human Capital Management

Concept of Glass Celling

HR Audit- a new Perspective in HR

Human Resource Accounting

Importance of Knowledge Management

Role and need of Competency Mapping

Practicing Green HR

How to achieve Paperless Office

Outsourcing a new challenge of HR

HR as a Change Partner

HR is no more a follower rather an initiator of change

Change Management need for the hour

Golden Handshake a win-win situation

Succession Planning a tool to handle situations

Employee Engagement a tool for retaining the talent

Cross Culture Management strategy in diversity

Employee Re-engineering a tool of change management

Career Planning- Improve motivation

Employee satisfaction success of HR

Training calendar preparation for training

Training need analysis a step towards efficiency

Competitive advantage to sustain in the race

Workplace spirituality latest practice

Work life balance

HR Policies

Current trend in HR

Employee safety

Grievance handling procedures

Motivational Techniques

Employee welfare policies

Exit interview

Head Hunting

Cool Hunting

Recent trends in Recruitment

Labor Market current scenario

Staffing and placement a key role of HR

Quality Circle


Maintaining employee records

Variable incentive a new motivation technique

International Laws related to HRM

Google work culture

Workplace freedom

Psychometric Test

Job analysis techniques

Organisational Development

Cultural issues in Organisation

Gender equality

Talent Gap


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