List of Marketing Dissertation Topics for MBA

We know it is very important to select an appropriate and best title for your dissertation in Marketing. Dissertation is also termed as Project, Thesis, Internship etc in various countries. Select a best title for your MBA thesis will make your work half done. Hence here we have provided you the List of Marketing Dissertation Topics for MBA, BBA and other management course students. This Marketing research topics will give a clear idea in selecting a masters thesis marketing topic. Here you can find sample of Marketing Thesis topics for MBA students. You can find topics related to Consumer Behavior, Digital Marketing, Branding, customer relations, satisfaction and many more.

List of marketing dissertation topics:

Following is the list of marketing dissertation topics which can be also be termed as marketing research topics, marketing project topics, marketing thesis topics etc.

1. “The Influence of Advertising on consumer Buying Behaviour”

2. “The Influence of Advertising on children and its impact on buying Behaviour”

3. “The Mobile Phone Industry – Delivering Value to the Student Segment of the Market – An Indian scenario”

4. “Standardization versus adaptation issues in International Marketing with special reference to FMCG ”

5. “Effecting branding practices and brand recognition”

6. “Effecting branding practices and its impact on brand recognition”

7. “Effectiveness of Marketing Communication Tools on Consumer Decision in selecting specific Credit Cards”

8. “Impact of Brand Loyalty on Customer Satisfaction”

9. “Brand Loyalty – as a tool for Customer satisfaction”

10. “The Impact of Social Media on youth towards Customer buying Decisions”

11. “Advertising as Meaningful Signs on today’s youth segment”

12. “Market analysis a best tool to design marketing strategies for new business organisation”

13. “Strategic Market Analysis of Banking companies and Marketing Activities”

14. “Impact of Marketing Communications Activities practiced by mobile companies on the Behaviour of Loyal Consumer Base”

15. “Are Marketing Methods Becoming Too Intrusive? Does to creates Privacy Issues in India”

16. “Factors Affecting Competition & Success of Smart phones in Smart Phone Industry of India”

17. “Brand Identity And Its Impact On Consumer Behaviour for top textile brands”

18. “Examination Into Youth Brand Loyalty: The ready-made Textile Industry”

19. “A Marketing Plan For A Business Operation In rental car service company”

20. “An Investigation on How Protect A Brand and sustain loyal customers in this competitive network service providers”

21. “An In-Depth study on Role Advertising Agencies- An Indian Perspective”

22. “An Investigation Into The Concept of Relationship Marketing as an effective tool for customer satisfaction”

23. “The role of Relationship Marketing in improving Brand Loyalty”

24. “An In Depth Analysis Into: Consumer Behaviour the first thing to be understood by Indian brands ”

25. “Consumer Loyalty: A study on retail market”

26. “The Effects of Advertising and Its Impact on the Consumption of soft drinks by Young People of India”

27. “Brand Extension strategies- A study on Success story of famous brands”

28. “The Growth of Internet Affects Consumer Behaviour- An Indian approach”

29. “The Extent Of Strategic Ethical Marketing And The Impact Upon The Consumer”

30. “A Study on Consumer perception And Behaviors Towards Traditional Food”

31. “The Perception of Female customers towards Traditional Male Products”

32. “A comparative study of Male and female buying behavior in retail malls.”

33. “A Comprehensive Investigation Of Supermarket Differentiation”

34. “Loyalty schemes Modern tools used for sustaining loyal customers”

35. “Does Celebrity Endorsement Influence Consumers Purchasing decisions An Intensive study”

36. “Customer perception towards post paid and prepaid plans of various service providers”

37. “To What Extent Do Cartoon Characters Influence Children And What Implications Does This have on the buying decision of parents?”

38. “The Impact of offers and discounts on Online Clothes Shopping”

39. “The Effects of Internet Marketing In The Indian Hotel Industry”

40. ” The impact of various online ticket booking sites in Indian hotel Industry”

41. “The aviation industry of India is benefiting/losing profits through various ticket booking sites A comprehensive study”

42. “Customers perception towards websites and Apps for booking of tickets/hotels/restaurants/services etc.”

43. ” Automobile Companies Use CRM To Improve Customer Loyalty – A comprehensive study”

44. “A study of Brand Management as a tool for sustaining market presence by various giant marketers in ______________ industry”

45. “A study on Critical Success Factors of Customer Relationships Management”

46. “A study on the role of Online Shopping in decline of Retail Sales”

47. “The Impact of TQM in Indian Service Industry special reference with hotel industry”

48. “Impact of CRM In Company’s Performance with special reference to service industry”

49. “A study on Online Shopping Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction with special reference to electronic goods”

50. “Does Size influence Customer expectations A study on customers expectation from large and small hotels in _____________ city”

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