21st Century HR trends you Must know

Gone are days where the human resource is viewed as a simple management activity. Today the organisations understood that HR department is one of the most vital department for the progress of the organisation. Modern organisations accept the fact that the key to sustain self in the changing business environment is to keep pace with the current HR Trends. Hence here we discussed about the 21st century HR trends you must know to be updated.

To deal with people it is essential to understand the expectation of people this “21st  century HR trends you need to know” will let you know and understand the latest trend in Human Resource Management. This 21st century has brought so many changes in the trend of HR from the very beginning itself. Actually, it is very interesting to give a look at these trends. Let us discuss these 21st century HR trends you must know.

21st Century HR Trends you must know

AI in employee management

The organisations are expected to practice Artificial Intelligence in managing the employees. HR must strategically use AI wherever possible so that all the routine works can be taken care of. Therefore the employees  can get time to explore innovations and creativity.

Employee engagement the key focus

It is a clear fact that employee engagement is gaining importance in  modern organisations. Hence both Top management and HR team must design best employee engagement strategies through which the talented employees can be retained and productivity can be at its optimum.

Redefining employee learning- Blended learning

There is high need for organisations to redefine its learning methodologies in the organisation. Blended learning must be introduced as a new approach in learning. Blended learning approach is where traditional instruction method is combined with digital method to bring a hybrid combination.

Virtual reality for training

we all know that still many organisations are lagging back in using virtual reality in many activities including Training. Including VR as one of the prominent training tool can be helpful in catching the attention of employees.

Supportive Working Environment – Emotional/physical

Supportive work environment is something which is preferred by almost all of irrespective of age/gender/background etc. Hence organisations needs to develop maintain and sustain a supportive work environment both emotionally and physically.

Promote work life balance

Todays organisations demands so much employees which grab our attention to a greater extend. Hence it is also must for employers to promote work life balance to the employees. Infact employees preferred employers are those who ensures and promote a culture which helps to maintain work life balance.

Application of HR analytics

Organisations must also make it a point that they use HR analytics for designing better HR strategies. It can give better insights on Training needs, improved decision making, better talent acquisition etc. 

Competitive compensation policy

While designing the compensation policy the employers and team HR must also consider the compensation trends among competitors, alike organisations etc. A competitive compensation policy moreover will ensure talent managements and to retain talented employees. Further also helps in creating employer brand in the market.

Handling employee diversity

Undeniable fact is that for most of the organisations employee diversity is one of the biggest challenge. In growing global market HR team needs to manage employees from various geographical, economical diversified employees. Handling Employee diversity is going to play a key role HR.

Handle generations in workplace

Many modern organisations are managing employees across five generations which is not a easy task. The demand, expectation and satisfying factors may vary depending on the genders. Hence designing customized strategies based on generations will help Team HR to handle the generations in workplace.

Retaining talents

Retaining the talented employees is really essential as the organisations also spends on their development and in turn their contribution also matters a lot. To retain talented employees all the above discussed points must be taken care of in a strategic term.

Winning employees emotionally

Apart from all the above said points it is must for all employers to win its employees emotionally. This is possible only by giving a sense of belongingness to the employees, allowing them to take part in various management activities and also acknowledging their contribution to the organisation  

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