Current and Classic Debate Topics in HRM

It will be interesting to read this Current and classic debate topics in HRM for discussion. Human resource management always involves major decisions which may create high impact in performance of any organisation. Hence many a times we could not come to a conclusion on  which is better. Hence these current and classic debate topics in HRM current for discussion will really be interesting to discuss. 

Classic Debate Topics in HRM

Without denying the fact that all the topics discussed here do have positive and negative side and further depending on the situation the best choice will vary. In the other hand size of the organisation and the surviving market will also be a factor to discuss. Keeping these things in mind lets us go through the discussion and debate topics in HRM 

Outsourcing vs recruitment

When we think about positions which are temporary, which are routine in nature, Canteen employees, security guards etc.. In such situations many of the organisation get confused on what to do. Whether we have to go for recruitment or outsourcing the same.

E recruitment vs offline recruitment

Today’s trend is e recruitment i.e online recruitment however this doesn’t mean that offline recruitment is loosing its importance. 

Performance Appraisal vs performance management:

No doubt both performance appraisal and performance management is having its own benefits. Still depending on situation the suitability will change. Hence discussing on this topic will be very interesting.

Promotion vs new recruitment:

Whenever there is an vacancy for any position then you have two options. Either you can go for new recruitment in the other hand you can opt for promoting existing employee. Which is better?.

 Experience vs Talent

Yes!!! big question? what should be respected more Talent? or experience?. Talent is very important at the same time experience cannot be underestimated. Correct. Confusing na then topic is good for debate. 


Human Resource Development is said to be upgraded version of Human resource management. However after the introduction of HRD also still HRM is a buzz word even today. How? Good question right. Then lets discuss.

Monetary vs Non monetary benefits:

What do you think. Which will motivate your employees more. Of course benefits itself is a motivating factor still which is better Monetary or non monetary. what your employees will prefer. Hope interesting one to debate upon. 

Appreciation vs rewards:

We want to make our employees happy. They always need recognition for what they achieved. Hence what works more words/medals/certificates or rewards in terms of monetary.  Again a debatable one.

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