Dissertation Topics in Human Resource Management

Here you can find number of Dissertation Topics in Human Resource Management . Dissertation is like the project work which we undertake. The only difference is in dissertation you need not do a research related to a company. You have to under go a research study in a topic as a whole. Due to this you need to select your dissertation topic in human resource management in any of the current topic. Human Resource Management is also known as HRM or HR also. You can go through these interesting dissertation topics in HRM and select whichever you feel comfortable. This topics can also be considered for Project, SIP, Internship, Interns etc along with dissertation.

These topics are related to various verticals of HRM like Training and development, Performance appraisal, Human resource planning, strategic human resource management, employee satisfaction, career planning etc

Dissertation Topics in Human Resource Management

A study on Impact of employee satisfaction on the  Performance Appraisal of the employees in ______ Industry in ________ Region.

A study on the role of HR department in developing the employees in IT Industry

“A study on Constructing and Implementing the Balance Scorecard as a performance appraisal tool in IT company”

“A comprehensive study on Cultural Issues in Strategic Alliances faced by banking/finance/IT companies”

“Perception of existing employees towards Outsourcing of various activities in ______________ Industry”

“A Study Of Factors Influencing Organisational Changes to improve efficiency”

“View of employees towards Management Policies And Procedures In Private And Public Sector organisations a comparative study”

“View of employees towards Management Policies And Procedures In Private Sector organisations Comprehensive study”

“View of employees towards Management Policies And Procedures In Public Sector organisations Comprehensive study”

“Setting Objectives at (Type of Industry) Company A Critical Evaluation in Management by Objective Approach”

An Analysis into Flexible Working Practices at ____________ company in India”

A study on various Criterion for Successful Flexible Working Arrangements in Indian Manufacturing sector

A study on conflicts faced by modern organisations due to organisational change”

“A Study on Organisational Culture and its effect on Employee Motivation”

“Organisational Decision Making strategies and its impact on employee satisfaction”

“A study on best tools for Team Working Techniques and its effectiveness”

“An Investigation into Existing Global Outsourcing Trends and its impact in Indian labour market”

“Determining the Strategies for Effective Cross Culture Training – An Analysis of Banking sector”

” Impact of Outsourcing in maintaining the Security and Confidentiality to the Firm in IT Industries”

“The Impact of Organisational Culture on Innovation Management in automobile sector”

” Job Satisfaction and Motivation Impact the Performance and Efficiency of an Organisation a comprehensive study”

“An Investigation on Impact of Leadership on Organisational Performance – case study approach”

” Impact of Retention Strategies on Organisation’s Business Performance?”

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