Business Law topics for presentation

Below said is the List of Business Law topics for Presentation related to Business Law in India. There are several laws that are in Practice in India. still to know about the Business related laws which is called as Legal Aspects of Business is very important specially to management students.

Hence we have covered topics from various Laws with related to business and legal aspects.

Business Law topics for presentation

  • Provisions related to Indian Contract Act 1872
  • Legal rules regarding agent and principal
  • Breach and remedies of contract
  • void and voidable contract are they one and the same
  • Classification of Contracts
  • Legal rules regarding offer and acceptance
  • Legal rules regarding capacities of parties
  • Rules regarding consideration and its exceptions
  • Coercion, fraud, undue influence and Misrepresentation is there any difference
  • Free Consent meaning
  • Introduction to Negotiable Instruments and its characteristics
  • Promissory note and its characteristics
  • Cheque and its characteristics
  • Parties of Negotiable Instrument
  • Who is a Consumer and what is his rights.
  • Consumer Disputes Redressal Agencies
  • Consumer Protection Councils
  • State Commission in Consumer Protection Act
  • National Commission in Consumer Protection Act
  • Quasi Contract
  • Performance of Contract
  • Discharge of Contract
  • Conditions and warranties as per sale of goods Act
  • Rights of Unpaid seller
  • Doctrine of Caveat Emptor
  • Proceedings for Transfer of Property
  • Who can file a complaint and how it can be filled under Consumer protection Act
  • Information Technology Act 2000
  • Digital Signature and its certificate
  • Electronic Governance- E – Governance
  • Duties of Certifying Authorities
  • Characteristics of a company
  • Incorporation of a company – Legal Rules
  • Private company Vs Public Company
  • Limited liability Vs Unlimited Liability Company
  • Conversion of Private Company into a Public Company
  • Steps to obtain certificate of incorporation
  • Memorandum of Association why it is important
  • Memorandum of Association what is its content
  • Doctrine of Ultra wires
  • Articles of Association and its contents
  • Prospectus and its contents
  • Circumstances When prospectus is not required
  • Statement in Lieu of prospectus
  • Rules regarding meetings as per companies Act
  • Company Vs Partnership
  • Legal Provisions regarding Director
  • Sale Vs Agreement to sale
  • Rules Regarding Auction Sale
  • Privileges of a Holder in Due Course
  • Legal Rules of Patents Act 2002
  • Copyright and related Provisions

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