SIP project Topics for MBA HR

The below said is the list of SIP project Topics for MBA HR. These topics which will be useful for doing the summer intern ship project  (SIP) in MBA HR/MPM/ BBA and other courses. The said topics will be useful for students and teacher as well as research scholars.

List of Human Resource Topics for (SIP) Projects in MBA HR/MPM

1. Absenteeism

2. Employee/Labor Turnover

3. Human Resource Practices

4. Effectiveness of Training

5. Training and Development Practices

6. Welfare Measures Practices

7. Recruitment and selection Process

8. Impact of Recruitment and Selection

9. Effectiveness of Training and Development

10. Competency Mapping

11. Employee Satisfaction

12. Job Satisfaction

13. Performance Appraisal System

14. Effectiveness of Performance Appraisal.

15. Exit Interview

16. HR Audit

17. Compensation Management System

18. Effectiveness of Recruitment and Selection

19. Satisfaction towards the Health measures provided by the organization

20. Effectiveness of Promotion and transfer scheme in the organization

21. HR Policies in the organization

22. Human Capital Measurement

23. Cross culture management

24. Employee satisfaction towards Facilities provided by the organization

25. Employee Branding Techniques

26. Training Calendar

27. Role of Motivation

28. Monetary motivational tools

29. Non-Monetary Motivational Tools

30. Impact of Motivation on Productivity

31. Analyzing the factors improving Productivity

32. Implementation of Latest HR Practices in Organization

33. Effective Man power Planning Techniques.

An example of, how a Project Topic must be framed is given below
“ A study on/ of ______________________________________________________ at _____________________ (Name of the company) in _________________ (City Name)”

All the above said problems can be used for project  Topics in MBA as well as MPM.

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