Employee Relation Best Practices

Here we have explained the Employee Relation Best Practices in this article. We have tried to discuss on the meaning and also highlighted few best practices of employee relations.

Meaning of Employee Relation:

Employee relation is the relationship that an employee maintains in the organisation. The relationship might be good, moderate, bad or so on. Employee relations denotes to the working hours in his workplace and therefore other employees are those with whom he spends much time. Hence he cannot afford to fight or get into any misunderstanding with his co-workers. Hence most of the modern companies are focusing on Employee Relations now a days.

In olden days the organisations don’t concentrate more on developing the employee relations. Now a days due to the increasing competition and high level Industrial Relation issues made the organisations to think about encouraging healthy relations among the employees.

Best Practices of Employee Relations:

Here you can find some of the best practices practiced by various organisations to develop employee relations:

Proper and Appropriate Leadership:

By providing proper and appropriate leadership the company can improve the relationship among the employees. Unity of command and unity of direction will reduce the number of issues arise in the organisation. Proper and appropriate leadership will lead to Unity of command and unity of direction.

Good award and reward system:

The company must practice reasonably good award and reward system. The employees must be duly appreciated for their achievements. such reward and award system will encourage the employees to take initiatives and creative steps in the organisation. A transparent reward system will also reduce many misunderstanding among the employees.

Maintaining proper communication system throughout the organisation:

A proper communication system will put end to all kind of misunderstanding among the employees. Hence the organisation must level to a best possible level to maintain the proper communication channel through out the organisation. The communication system must encourage two way communication. This will help make the superiors aware about the subordinates issues.

Equal and Fair changes:

The organisation must implement change in a fair and equal manner throughout the organisation rather than implementing in specific department. The organisation must follow the principle of equality throughout the organisation in all levels.

proper implementation of Labour Laws.

First of all the organisation must also implement all mandatory measures made by labour law. when the employees get proper safety health and welfare measures they will be satisfied. This can be considered as one of the best practice followed by the organisation to improve employee relations.

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