Strategic Management MCQ’s with Answers

Strategic Management one of the buzz word in modern management. Hence knowing the in depth of this concept becomes a must for professionals today. Accordingly here you can find Strategic Management MCQ’s with answers. However this strategic management MCQ’s will help you to understand the concept in clear.

Moreover all the Strategic Management MCQ’s are with answers. Further it also benefit the management professionals, students of UG & PG, Managers, Teachers etc. Infact almost all major content of Strategic Management is a part of given Strategic Management MCQ’s with Answers . 

Solved MCQ’s in SM

1. ______________ Ensures that management rolls out the strategies across the organization is the role of

a) HR Department

b) Operations Management

c) Strategic Management

d) All of the above

Ans: c

2. Which of the following does not include the characteristics of Strategic Management?

a) Reactive

b) Multidimensional

c) Systematic

d) Dynamic

Ans: a

3. Which of the following denotes the characteristics of Strategic Management?

a) Decentralization

b) Wide span of management

c) Searching for new sources of advantage

d) Multi operational

Ans: c

4. Role of stake holders include

a) Direct Management

b) Decision Making

c Investments

d) All of the above

Ans: d

Basic Strategic Management MCQ

5. Which of the following doesn’t describe Corporate Strategy

a) what business or businesses should we be in

b) How does the parent company add value to its subsidiaries

c) How does being in one business help us compete in other businesses

d) How should we compete in other business

Ans: d

6. Increasing the credit period from 30 to 60 days, in response to a similar action taken by all
of our competitors, would likely result in

a) an increase in the average collection period

b) A decrease in bad debt losses.

c) an increase in sales.

d) higher profits

Ans: a

7. The pie slices within the circles of a _________ reveal the percent of corporate profits
contributed by each division.


b) BCG Matrix

c) SPACE Matrix

d) Grand Strategy Matrix

Ans: b

8. Who is credited with proposing the resource –based view of strategy?

a) Barney

b) Porter

c) Mintzberg

d) Steiner

Ans : a

General MCQ’s on Strategic Management

9. Recourses can lead to strategic advantage if they possess all these characteristics except

a) Valuable

b) Rare

c) Costly

d) Non-substitutable

Ans : C

10. Porter’s generic strategies are

a) Low price, differentiation, focus

b) Cost leadership, differentiation, cost focus, focus differentiation

c) Price leadership, differentiation, focus

d) Low cost, differentiation, focus differentiation

Ans: b

11. Critical Success factors are

a) Those product features that are particularly valued by a group of customers and, therefore, where an organisation must excel to outperform competition.

b) Those factors which are critical to the success of the organization’s main competitors.

C) Both answers A and B

d) Those product features that a company is particularly competent at providing

Ans: a

12. Assessment of competitive rivalry does NOT include an understanding of ……….

a) The extent to which competitors are in balance

b) Market growth rates.

c) Fixed costs, exit barriers and operational efficiency

d) The management structure of an organisation

Ans :b

Strategic Management MCQ’s with answers

13. Buyers can exercise high bargaining power over their suppliers if…………………….

a) The volume they buy accounts for a large percentage of their suppliers’ sales

b) There are few buyers in the market.

c) They have many suppliers to choose from

d) There is a high concentration of suppliers

Ans: c

14. In the five forces framework ,the term “threat of entrants” means

a) The possibility of an existing competitor capturing the entire market

b) The possibility of an existing competitor withdrawing from the market.

c) The possibility of a new competitor entering the market.

d) The possibility of a potential competitor entering a different market

Ans : c

15. Strategic management helps in ………….

a) Giving direction

b) In forecasting

c) Neutralizes Threats

d) all of the above

Ans: d

MCQ’s on different Model in SM

16. In the BCG Matrix, which element represents the industry growth rate in sales, measured in percentage terms?

a) x-axis

b) y-axis

c) first quadrant

d) second quadrant

Ans: b

17. Which of the following is a force in the Porter’s five forces model of industry attractiveness

a) opportunity for new entrants

b) opportunity for substitutes

c) bargaining power of suppliers

d) sustainable competitive advantage for customers

Ans: c

18. Michael Porter’s competitive strategies framework includes cost leadership, differentiation, and ___________.

a) depth

b) breadth

c) revenue growth

d) focus

Ans: d

19. What can VRIO framework help an organisation to analyse

a) Whether capabilities are valuable

b) Whether capabilities are rare

c) Whether capabilities are inimitable

d) All of the above

Ans: d

20. What is a value chain

a) A chain of interrelated organisational activities that lead to strength

b) A set of interlinked value creating activities performed by an organisation

c) A group of organisational activities that create shareholder value

d) A collection of activities performed by top managers of an organisation

Ans : b

Objective questions in SM with answers

21. When a specific ability is possessed by an organisation exclusively or relatively in large
measure it is called

a) Competency

b) Core Competency

c) Organisational Competency

d) Distinctive Competency

Ans: d

22. Which of these is not one of common strategies of the BCG approach

a) Build

b) Hold

c) Harvest

d) Diversity

Ans: d

23. Strategy does not mean to be …….

a) Competitive

b) Reactive

c) Comprehensive Objectives

d) Future Oriented

Ans: b

24. Marketing department of a company will be at the ………level of company

a) Corporate Level

b) Functional level

c) SBU level

d) All of the above

Ans: b

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