Objective Type Questions in HRM

Here you can find Objective Type Questions in HRM. This can also termed as multiple choice questions in Human Resource Management. These questions will be helpful for all students from any university at graduate as well as post graduate level.

1. HR department can be able to collect record protect and produce the required information about the current and past employees of the organisation with the help of

A) Records                      B) HRIS                      C) Documents                       D) none of the above

Answer B) HRIS

2.  With the help of HRIS HR department can ____________ the required information about the employees

A) Record             B) Protect                    C) Produce                    D) All of the above

Answer D) All of the above

3.  Through the system of HRIS the HR department can save information about

A) Only current employees                B) Only past employees               C) Neither A nor B            D) Both A and B

Answer D) both A & B

4. Safety Policy is a part of ______________ function of HRM

A) Managerial                       B) Operational                C) Strategical                      D) Developmental

Answer B) Operational

5. HRD Does not include

A) Career Planning         B) Succession Planning                          C) Managerial Planning                D) MBO

Answer C) Managerial Planning

6. HRD Stands for

A) Human Resource Department                      B) Human Resource Development                                                       C) Human Resource Decisions                           D) Human Resource Design

Answer B) Human Resource Development

7. HRD activities will benefit

A) Employees                B) Organisation                             C) Neither A nor B                          D) Both A and B

Answer D) both A & B

8. HRM Belives that Performance Appraisal is a

A) System             B) Activity               C) Process              D) Methdos

Answer C) Process

9. The process of performance appraisal includes __________________ of the performance of the employees

A) Evaluating            B) Analysing                 C) Appraising                   D) All of the above

Answer D) All of the above

10. Quality Circle is a part of

A) SHRM                B) HRIS                          C) TQM                 D) none of the above

Answer C) TQM

11. The analytical Function of HRM doesn’t Includes

A) HR Audit             B) HR research              C) Performance Appraisal           D) none of the above

Answer C) Performance Appraisal

12. Outsourcing is a part of _________________ function of HRM

A) Analytical             B) Strategical                      C) Operational                 D) Managerial

Answer B) Strategical

13. When the employees of one organisation are assigned to handle the activities of other organisation then that process is known as

A) Employee Engagement                B) re-employment                   C) Outsourcing                   D) HRD

Answer C) Outsourcing

14.  ______________ each and every activity of the HRM will be a strategy to achieve the organisational Goal.

A) HRIS               B) HRM                 C) SHRM                    D) HRD

Answer C) SHRM

15. In today’s competitive market condition HR department needs to act as ________________ to the management

A) Controller              B) friend                     C) Customer                      D) Business partner

Answer D) Business Partner

16. SHRM states that HR department must plan its activity in a _____________ way

A) Systematic              B) modern               C) Technical                    D) Strategic

Answer D) Strategic

17.  ________________ plan the activities of the HR department in the purview of organisational goal.

A) HRM                 B) HRD                       C) SHRM                    D) PM

Answer C) SHRM

18.  ________________ acts as a link between the employees and the organisational goal.
A) HRM                        B) SHRM                   C) HRD             D) PM

Answer B) SHRM

19. SHRM acts as a link between the employees and the ________________________.

A) organisational goal                  B) Management                         C) Trade Union        D) HRM Objective

Answer A) Organisational Goal

20.  HR Research conducts research on _________________ employees

A) Internal                 B) External                     C) Neither A nor B                        D) Both A and B

Answer D) both A & B

21. The organisation can not outsource activity like

A) Security guards                   B) House keeping                     C) decision making              D) Maintenance

Answer C) Decision Making

22. The scope of HRM doesn’t include

A) Separation               B) Outsourcing                  C) Promotion                       D) Market entry

Answer D) Market entry

23. Every action of hrm is directed towards the accomplishment of _____________.

A) Targets                 B) HRM goals           C) organizational goal                 D) none of the above

Answer C) organizational goal
24. ____________ is the tool through which organizational development can be implemented

A) T&D           B) HRM                 C) Outsourcing                    D) HR research

Answer B) HRM

25 HRM helps to build a bridge between employees at ____________ level

A) Top                B) Every                      C) Middle                    D) Lower

Answer B) Every

26. The role of HRM is __________ for a specific period

A) Not only                  B) Only for                       C) Planned                               D) Pertained

Answer A) Not only

27.  HRM does not include the field of

A) economics                    B) sociology                 C) anthropology                        D) All of the above

Answer D) All of the above

28.  HRM is _____________ in nature

A) Temporary            B) Persistent           C) Specific        D) Flexible

Answer B) Persistent

29. HRM is present in ____________ organization

A) NGO            B) Private                 C) Government                 D) Every

Answer D) Every

30. HRM is present in every organization like government, Private, IT manufacturing etc.. Hence it is known as

A) Multi-Disciplinary                    B) Focused                 C) Persistent                D) All of the above

Answer C) Persistent

31. Organizational Development aids the organization to cope up with the changes in the ________________

A) Politics         B) external environment            C) Technology              D) Market

Answer B) external environment

32.  ____________ is/are the main concern of HRM

A) Machines                  B) Technology                      C) People                    D) Management

Answer C) People

33 ____________ is not a part of component of SHRM

A) People               B) Pattern                 C) Activities                       D) Research

Answer D) Research

34. Inability of HR to think ____________ is a barrier to implement SHRM

A) Systematically              B) Practically                      C) Strategically                    D) Technically

Answer C) Strategically

35. Short term mentality and focus on ___________ is a barrier to SHRM

A) Financial terms          B) Long term profit             C) Short term performance          D) Short term investment

Answer C) Short term performance

36. The Aims of SHRM does not include

A) Strategic Capability           B) Employees satisfaction          C) Unifying Framework     D) Sense of Direction

Answer B) Employee satisfaction

37. The changing role of HR manager doesn’t include

A) Employee Advocate            B) Welfare Leader             C) Change Agent D) Change Champion

Answer B) Welfare Leader

38. High centralization, high formalization, low flexibility are characteristics of

A) PM              B) SHRM              C) HRM                        D) none of the above

Answer A) PM

39.  Proactive and concerned with orgn effectiveness is the characteristics of

A) PM           B) SHRM                    C) HRM              D) none of the above

Answer B) SHRM

40. Decentralization, low formalization is the characteristics of

A) IR            B) PM               C) HRM               D) HRD

Answer C) HRM

41.  SHRM Views employees as a primary source of

A) Business             B) Profit               C) Competitive advantages           D) Resources

Answer C) Competitive

42.  Factors affecting HRP does not include

A) Outsourcing            B) Time Horizon          C) Employee satisfaction            D) Nature of Job

Answer C) employee satisfaction

43. Which one of the following becomes a creative factor in production

A) Land                B) Capital                 C) Consumers                          D) Human Resources

Answer D) Human Resources

44. The focus of Human Resource Management revolves around

A) Machines               B) Men                C) Capital             D) Technology

Answer B) Men

45. Demand for human resources is created by

A) Expansion of industry              B) Shortage of labor          C) Abundance of capital                  D) Labour Laws

Answer A) Expansion of Industry

46. Human Resource Management is primarily concerned with

A) Sales             B) Dimension of people             C) Profit              D) External Environment

Answer B) Dimension of people

47. HRM aims to maximize employees as well as organizational

A) Economy          B) Effectiveness            C) Earnings            D) Profitability
Answer B) Effectiveness

48. Human Resource Management function does not involve

A) Cost control             B) Planning             C) Selection                  D) Orientation

Answer A) Cost control

49. Which one is not the specific goal of human resource management

A) Attracting applicants      B) Separating employees           C) Retaining employees    D) Motivating Employees

Answer B) Separating Employees

50. To achieve goals organizations require employees

A) Direction               B) Control               C) Coordination                 D) Satisfaction

Answer C) Coordination

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