MCQ’s in Labour Laws with answers

Labour Laws in India is an important aspect which all those related must be aware of. Hence here we are providing some interesting MCQ’s in Labour Laws with answers. Moreover the answers accompanied will really be helpful to you for better clarification. Further these Multiple choice questions on labour laws are basic MCQ’s based majorly on factories Act.  

However these MCQ’s in labour laws with answers are helpful for students of UG/PG also for those who are preparing for competitive exams. Above all working professionals who are looking after the implementation of Labour laws will also be benefitted.

Basic MCQ’s in Labour Laws 

1 The abolition of child labour was introduced first time through __________

a. Factories Act 1947         b. Factories Act 1883          c. Factories Act 1881           d. Trade Dispute Act Ans. B

2 Restriction of women in night employment was introduced through

a.  Trade Dispute Act      b. Women protection 1883    c. Factories Act 1883       d. Factories Act 1947 

Ans. C

3 The overtime wages was given for work beyond _____________ hours as per Factories Act 1883

a. 10                         b. 12                          c. 14                               d. 8

Ans. D

4 India received the first stipulation of eight hours of work in __________

a.  Trade Dispute Act     b. Factories Act 1883          c. Factories Act 1881              d. Indian Factories Act 1947

Ans. B

Objective questions with answers

5 Provisions were made in _________________ Act for restraining the rights of strike and lock.

a. Factories Act             b. Industrial Relation Act        c. Trade Dispute Act          d. strike and lock Act

Ans. C

6 _____ machinery was provided to take care of disputes through Trade Dispute Act 1929

a. 3                   b. 4                                 c. 2                                            d. 1

Ans. D

7 Peace and harmony in the organization is very important for the ___________ of any nation.

a. GDP              b. economic development                 c. Manpower                 d. None of the above

Ans. B

8 To bring that peace and harmony in industries their needs a __________.

a. Reward                b. Punishment                        c. Law                         d. None of the above

Ans. C

Labour Law MCQ’s

9 When the capital and ___________ goes hand in hand the industry can prosper and aid the nation for a good economic condition.

a. technology                          b. Machines                          c. Manpower                 d. None of the above

Ans. C

10 It is important for the ___________ to concentrate in the area of harmony in the industries

a. Employers          b. Public                    c. committee                                  d. government

Ans. D

11 Globally the laws are made ______________ in respect to the labours.

a. more or less same           b. entirely different            c. Competitive             d. None of the above

Ans. A

12. Certain laws are implemented to make a minimum amount mandatory to be paid to the labour which is according to the _______________ of the nation

a. Income                  b. Per capita Income                     c. cost of living                 d. GDP

Ans. C

13. No employer can pay less than the ____________ to any employee

a. Agreed wages                   b. Trade union demand                 c. earnings            d. minimum wages

Ans. D

14 There were no restrictions on the child labours till the date ___________ is been implemented

a. Independence               b. Labour Law               c. Commercial Law         d. Trade Union Act

Ans. B

Other MCQ’s in Labour Laws with answers

15 Problems faced by the children’s in the industries does not include ___________

a. more working time             b. Lack of leave facility          c. less wages                d. hazardous work

Ans. B

16 Which of the following facility is not meant for a proper and comfortable working condition of the employees.

a. Humidity                      b. Housing facility                 c. cleanliness                d. sitting place

Ans. B

17 Separate working hours and working time were also fixed for ___________ employees in the industries.

a. female            b. various category                c. Administrative               d. None of the above

Ans. A

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