Case Study on Talent Management in HRM

Talent Management is one of the biggest challenge that many of us is facing today in organisation. Recruiting talent is a challenge, retaining that talent is probably a bigger challenge. Hence this Case Study on Talent Management in HRM is given with answers which will help you to understand the issue properly.

Moreover, Talent Management is not only the responsibility of HR manager but also the responsibility of each and every one of us in the organisation. Hence each one of us must be aware of the same. Further to say  we have discussed about a situation where the organisation fails to do talent management. The Case Study on Talent Management in HRM is also provided with solution.

Case Study on Talent Management in HRM

Parrika chemicals is a well-known name in the chemical industry from past 42 years. They hold a good market share and also involved in manufacturing various chemicals which is used in various industries like FMCG, Pharma, Pesticides, Leather and various other industries. Hence Parrika is having 2 big plants, namely Alpha and Gamma, for the manufacturing of chemicals. Alpha being the parent plant and Gamma being started 10 years back.
Vijay is an young, dynamic and committed employee in the accounts department of Gamma plant. Vijay is working with Parrika Chemicals from more than 6 years. He is an MBA finance graduate, with versatile knowledge in Finance. Moreover, his committed nature was never a question and known for that, almost in the entire plant.

Vijay Expects Transfer

However Vijay always looks forward for a transfer to the parent Plant Alpha as he feels he can get so much to learn there. Vijay is applying for the same from last 3 years. Every time he use to wait eagerly for the transfer list which usually displayed in July 1st of every year.
Eventually his name was not there in the list all the time. First two times he didn’t took it seriously and waited for another chance. Subsequently when his application rejected for the third time he was absolutely disturbed.

Vijay got disappointed

Finally he decided that its time to speak with the HR team. He took an appointment where in during the meeting Mr. Sudan head HR, Ms. Kavery head Finance both were present. Curious Vijay directly started with the question “Why my name is not there in the transfer list”? “I want to know the reason for the rejection of my application”. Even though there is no difference in compensation and benefits he still always wanted to be there.
Undoubtedly, both Sudan and Kavery were shocked by the tone and reaction of Vijay. Still they maintained the temper and tried to be cool. Kavery started “Vijay, You are one of the best performing employee in the department. You and David, your own classmate, Joined the organisation together. Still you got many training and opportunity for various courses than him, can you deny the fact.”

Vijay is privileged

Vijay, actually got understood that he is privileged still he maintained the furious anger and said, “Yes it very true, but the fact is he got transfer in his second application. Now he is in Alpha and I am still here.”
Sudan started, “But, Vijay why you apply for the transfer every year, the compensation, benefits, timing, culture everything is same in both the plants”. There prevailed an absolute silence. Vijay broke the silence, “All are same, but the finance department is big there with lot many employees. I can perform more, I can shine more.”

Kavery’s Decision

Kavery Says, “Ok Mr. Vijay, Now I understood your issue. Being the head finance I am giving my Pre-concern, If MR. Vijay applies for transfer next year I don’t have any issue in giving clearance to him”. HR head was not convinced with the happenings because the fact is Kavery was the reason for his rejection of transfer.

Sudan Recollected

He recollected the conversation between him and Kavery on the transfer application of Vijay Kavery says, “Sudan, Vijay is very dynamic. In very young age he is excelling well. I want to mold him in various financial aspects. If we put him in Alpha he may not get the exposure in all aspects as the department is big. “
“Moreover”, Kavery continues, Mr. Mohite who is sub head of finance will get retired in 2 years. So I wish Mr. Vijay to takeover the position.” Now, Sudan taught both Kavery and Vijay are not in a situation to understand. So he planed that next day he will talk with both of them and make the things and intention of Kavery transparent.

Sudan was shattered the next day when he received the resignation letter from Vijay stating that due to personal reason he is resigning the job.


  1. What should Sudan do now
  2. Who is at fault
  3. To Which concepts of HRM you can correlate this case


Here I am providing you with an idea for answers. Use these solutions as a guidance to develop your own answers. You are encouraged to analyse the case and come up with your own solutions. 

1. What should Sudan do now?

Sudan is having three options: 

  1. Accepting the resignation letter and allowing him to leave the organisation a major demerit in this option is the organisation may loose a highly talented employee.
  2. Offer him a transfer to Alpha Discuss and can counsel him to take back his resignation by fulfilling his wish of transfer.
  3. Mentor him to stay back: Mentor him properly and making the things transparent and make him to stay back in the organisation. He also need to convince Kavery for this. 

2. Who is at Fault

Undoubtedly all three of them have committed some or the other mistake. They failed to retain the talent. They won in recruitment, identifying the talent but failed in retaining the talent. Let us discuss it one by one.

Sudan: Being the HR manager he is having the primary responsibility for proper flow of information. He could have kept the things transparent. 

Kavery: As she is the head of Vijay, could have cleared the issue as soon as Vijay applied for first transfer. Also tried to made her intention clear to him. 

Vijay: Vijay failed to discuss the matter to his head or the HR manager. At least after knowing the fact that Kavery is the reason for denying the transfer he must have asked her for reason.

To conclude they could have retained the talent if maintained proper system, flow of information, transparency, mentoring etc. in proper time.

3. To Which concepts of HRM you can correlate this case

We can correlate this case with the following concepts of HRM

Recruitment- Proper recruitment of Vijay

Training- Vijay undergone number of training

Career planning- He got opportunity to get training and courses also

Succession planing- Vijay was trained for sub head finance post

Retention- Failed to retain talent

Transparent Policy- Transparency was missing throughout the case

Talent management- the whole case was on talent management, identification of talent (Successfully done) Mentoring (Failed) Communication (Failed) talent retention (Failed again).

Hope you have understood the case and also the Talent Management Issues. You can find some other case studies here



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