Multiple Choice Question in Human Resource Management

The below said are the Multiple Choice Question in Human Resource Management with Answers. These HRM multiple choice questions can help for online test, skill test, aptitude tests and other examinations. You can add more questions using comment box.

1) Which one of the following becomes a creative factor in production?

a) Land

b) Capital

c) Consumers

d) Human Resources

(Answer:- d)

2) The focus of Human Resource Management revolves around

a) Machine

b) Money


(Answer:- c)

3) Demand for human resources and management is created by

a) Expansion of industry

(b) Shortage of labor

c) Abundance of capital

(Answer:- a)

4) Human Resource Management is primarily concerned with

a) Sales

b) Dimensions of people

(c) External environment

(Answer:- b)

5) HRM aims to maximize employees as well as organizational

(a) Effectiveness

b) Economy

c) Efficiency

(Answer:- a)

6) Human Resource Management function does not involve

a) Recruitment

b) Selection

c) Cost control

d) Training

(Answer:- c)

7) Which one is not the specific goal of human resource management?

a) Attracting applicants

b) Separating employees

c) Retaining employees

(Answer:- b)

8) To achieve goals organizations require employees

a) Control

b) Direction

c) Commitment

d) Cooperation

(Answer:- c or d)

9) Human resource management helps improve

a) Production

b) Productivity

c) Profits

d) Power

(Answer:- b)

10) Personnel management is

a) Pro-active

b) on-going

c) Routine

(Answer:- c)

11) An employee is separated from the organization by way of Lay off when

a) When he lacks skills

b) Employer could not employ the employee

c) When he commits a mistake

d) none of the above.

( Answer. b)

12) Employee violate rules of organisation as mentioned in the standing orders. Because of which he has to leave the job is an example of

a) Forced Retirement

b) Premature Retirement

c) Compulsory Retirement

d) Voluntary Retirement

(Answer:- a)

13) Employee become disable due to disease, illness, accident in such case Management may give him the option of retirement. This is an example of

a) Forced Retirement

b) Premature Retirement

c) Compulsory Retirement

d) Voluntary Retirement

(Answer:- b)

14) In Defence under some department – after 15 yrs of service, person has to retire from his post.

a) Forced Retirement

b) Premature Retirement

c) Compulsory Retirement

d) Voluntary Retirement

(Answer:- c)

15) To Avail Voluntary retirement Scheme the employees has to complete minimum ____ years service

a) 15 years b) 20 years c) 10 years d) 5 years

(Answer: c)

16) An employee terminated due to Alcoholism, Dishonesty or inefficiency is called as

a) Discharge

b) dismissal

c) Suspend

d) layoff

(Answer: a)

17) Standard Performance – Actual Performance = Training & Development _____________

a) Objective

b) Drawback

c) Motive

d) Need

(Answer: d)

18) Donald Kirkpatrick was known for creating the training __________

a) Calendar

b) module

c) evaluation model

(Ans: c)

19) Which one of the following is not a part of Process of Human resource planning

a) Analyzing existing HR

b) Implementation of HR plan

c) recruitment

(Ans:- c)

20) “Process of forecasting, developing & controlling human resource in an enterprise.” Is called as

a) HR Planning

b) HR Audit

c) HR Evaluation

d) HR Control

21) Inability of HR to think strategically becomes a barrier for

a) HRP


C)Strategic Objectives

d) HCM

(Ans :- b)

22) Fast decisions can be taken when the organization Practices


b) HRD

c) HRM

d) all of the above

(Ans :- c)

23) Which of the following is not a method of On the job Training

a) JIT

b) Job Rotation

c) Mentoring

d) Simulations

(Ans :- d)

24) Which of the following is not a method of off the job Training

a) Sensitivity

b) Seminar

c) under study

d) Conferences

(Ans :- c)

25) “Seed Plot” is a Latin word which means:

a) Mentoring

b) Planning

c) Seminar

d) training

(Ans :- c)

True or False:

1. Layoff is Permanent Separation of employees (T)

2. Employee is eligible for PF, Gratuity, salary arrears etc in case of discharge (T)

3. Training is Specific and Development is to impart overall concept (T)

4. Education has narrow prospective where as Training has Broad Prospective (F)

5. Environmental uncertainties is one of the factors that affects HRP (T)

6. The human resource planning is done based on the organizational Plan. (T)

7. SHRM mold the human resource in such a way to attain the Individual goal. (F)

8. Perception of human assets as higher risk investment is a barrier to SHRM (T)

9. Resistance from employees is an advantage to HRP (F)

10. Headhunting is an Selection Strategy (F)

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    which of the following terms refers to the human resources management concepts and techniques employers use to manage the challenge of their international operations? 1. work councils 2. International human resource management 3.power distance 4. codetermination.

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