MCQ on Recruitment and Selection with answers

Below given are the MCQ on recruitment and selection with answers. This multiple choice questions can be used to conduct quiz in topics like recruitment and selection, Human resource management, selection process etc. This objective type questions is helpful for online exam questions, graduate and post-graduate students in commerce and human resource management.

1. _____________ is a process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs

A) Selection           B) Induction                      C) Recruitment                  D) Orientation

Answer C) Recruitment

2.  Which is not an advantage of internal Source of recruitment

A) Time saving           B) New blood               C) Less expensive                  D) increased car

Answer B) New blood

3. Which is not an advantage of external Source of recruitment

A) New blood             B) More competition               C) Less expensive           D) Less partial

Answer C) Less expensive

4. _______________ can be defined as process of choosing the right person for the right job.

A) Selection                   B) Recruitment                 C) Induction           D) Orientation

Answer A) selection

5. ______________ is the application form to be filled by the candidate when he goes for recruitment process in the organisation.

A) Job application             B) Formal application               C) Application blank                    D) None of the above

Answer C) Application blank

6. ___________ is not an internal source of recruitment

A) Promotion                   B) Transfer                   C) Job rotation                   D) Departmental exam

Answer C) Job rotation

7. _______________ is a selection test which judges the emotional ability which will help to judge work in group

A) Personality test             B) Intelligence Test                 C) Mental Ability Test                D) None of the above

Answer A)  Personality test

8. _______________ is not an external source of recruitment

A) Campus selection            B) Internal advertisement              C) Consultancy                     D) Walk-in

Answer B) Internal advertisement

9.  _______________ is a selection test to judge the coordination between hands & eye

A) Personality test             B) Intelligence Test                 C) Psycho motor test              D) None of the above

Answer C) Psycho motor test

10 Promotion is a _______________________ source Recruitment

A) Suitable                  B) Higher                       C) Internal                                D) External

Answer C) Internal

11 Campus selection is a __________________________ source of recruitment

A) Fresh              B) Modern            C) Internal                       D) External

Answer C)External

12 The term procurement stands for

A) Recruitment & selection              B) Promotion                 C) Purchase                        D) T & D

Answer A) Recruitment & Selection

13 Identifying the __________________ candidates and ______________ them to apply for the job is called Recruitment

A) Available, insisting        B) Available, making        C) Potential, Attracting        D) Potential, insisting

Answer C) Potential, attracting

14. _____________________ means assigning a specific rank and responsibility to an individual

A) Selection                     B) Induction                           C) Recruitment                               D) Placement

Answer D) Placement

15. Speed of Hiring is an  advantage of ____________

A) Internal Source of Recruitment                                            B) External Source of Recruitment

c) Psycho motor test                                                                     D) Mental Ability Test

Answer A) Internal Source of Recruitment

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