Cyber Laws MCQ’s with Answers

Cyber Laws are gaining importance in our day to day life. We all must be aware of various provisions of Cyber Laws as we deal with cyber activities many a times. Hence these informative Cyber Laws MCQ’s with answers will be very helpful for us. Further various rules including topics like Trade Mark, Domain names, Site names are also included in this Cyber Laws MCQ’s with Answers.

Moreover, MCQ’s related to Trade Mark, Multiple choice questions on domain names, Website Links etc. will be very helpful for students, competitive exams, Law exams, NET/SET exams etc.

Domain name MCQ’s in Cyber Laws 

These days, domain names are not just names of websites of different entities, but serve as

A. Business brand

B. Business identifiers

C. Business IP

D. Brand value

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Answer: B. Business Identifiers

What stands for DNS

A. Domain name service

B. Domain net server

C. Domain Name System

D. Digital Net Server

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Answer: C. Domain Name System

Which of the following is not a type of domain name



C. ccTLD


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Answer: D. mTLD

Following are the examples of .com, .net, .edu, .jp, .de, etc. Further



C. ccTLD


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Answer: A. TLD

Some of the Examples of _________________ include “.voyage”, “.app”, “.ninja”, “.cool”, etc.



C. ccTLD


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Answer: D. nTLD

Trade Mark MCQ’s in Cyber Laws

A Trade mark doesn’t includes

A. Shape of goods

B. Numbers

C. Packaging

D. Combination of colours

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Answer: B. Numbers

Trademark and Domain name serve the same function as

A. Identifiers

B. Brand names

C. Legal rights

D. Locators

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Answer: A. Identifiers

While trademark provides unique identity to a product, domain names can be called ______________

A. IP Address


C. as internet resource locators

D. Digital address

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Answer: C. as internet resource locators

The Registration of trademark is generally at a

A. State Level

B. National level

C. Product Level

D. Global Level

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Answer: B. National level

Different persons residing in different countries can have same trademark __________________

A. If the parties agrees mutually

B. If government of different country agrees

C. for different goods and services

D. One party purchase license for use.

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Answer: C. for different goods and services

Cyber Law MCQ’s on Domain Name

Every site has a keyword field. ______________ is nothing but manipulation of this keyword field of a search engine

A. Cyber Squatting

B. Meta tagging

C. Manipulation linking

D. Framing

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Answer: B. Meta tagging

__________________ refers to a specific kind of aggressive action to acquire a specific domain name on the Web

A. Reverse domain hijacking

B. Domain hijacking

C. Meta hijacking

D. Cyber Squatting

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Answer: A. Reverse domain hijacking

Remedies against infringement of Copyright in Digital Domain doesn’t include

A. Block Chain Tech

B. Digital Watermark

C. Access control and copy control

D. Fair Dealing

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Answer: D. Fair Dealing

_____________ involves unauthorized copying or distributing of copyrighted software.

A. Data Piracy

B. Programmed Piracy

C. Software Piracy

D. Cyber Piracy

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Answer: C. Software Piracy

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