Rights of Consumers according to Consumer Protection Act

Here we have discussed the basic rights of consumers according to Consumer Protection Act. The consumer protection Act  is enacted in the year 1986. This Act is applicable to whole of India except J&K. The consumer protection Act has enabled the consumers with various rights. Let us see the Rights of Consumers according to Consumer Protection Act 1986 in detail:

This Act provides for the following rights to the consumer:

Right to safety,

Right to be heard,

Right to consumer education,

Right to seek redressal

Right to Choose

Right to be Informed

(I) Right to Safety:

This right states that consumer have rights to be protected against marketing of goods or services which are dangerous to the health and life of customers

(II) Right to Choose:

under this right each customer must be given with an opportunity to choose from the variety available in the market.  This right also enable the consumer to access all the variety of goods and services at lowest possible rates

(III) Right to be Informed:

Consumers have every right to get information about the products or services which they want to get. That is the consumers must be ensured with all the information like price, quality, quantity, standards, etc about the product or service.

(IV) Right to be heard 

Consumer has the right to present before the appropriate forum or authorities all those matters which effect his interests.

(V) Right to seek redressal:

This right protect the consumer from unfair and biased trade practices of the seller. It gives right to the consumer to file complaint against the seller because of whom the consumer is affected. It also enhance the rights to claim compensation for any loss due to the seller.

(VI) Right to Consumer Education:

This rights states that every consumer is entitled to be informed and get educated about the rights which ever is necessary to him. they must be educated about the authority related to this act, rules and procedure for claim etc…

The consumer protection Act ensures safety, choice information etc. Hence it can be said if the Law properly implements rights of consumers according to consumer protection Act 1986 then the consumer will be highly secured in our country.

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