Management Games for Team Building

Management Games are certain activities conducted to improve team Building specially for MBA students and professionals. The management games are basically to improve team building and communication among the team. Here we you can find some games for team building which can be used for new entrants also.

1. Name of the game: Paper Craft

Activity type : Group Activity

Suitable for : Indoor

No of Groups : 4 to 8 groups

Member per group: 3 per group

Objective: To bring a familiar atmosphere among new peers. To motivate them to thing creatively. Make the team members understand that working together will give success to the team.

Things Required: waste papers cut in squares in small size (4 pieces from one A4 size page), Pins(100 Nos)

Time to play: 5 minutes Max (including arranging time)

Activity: Make the group members to stand together as per there group. There should be a reasonable gap between the groups. Give same quantity of paper pieces to each group along with pins. ask them to join the pieces together and make a make a lengthy line. Allot them a time span line 60 seconds.The group who makes lengthy line in a given period will be considered as winner.

2. Name of the Game:  Find your team mates ( Fun based activity)

Activity type : Group Activity

No of Groups : 4 to 6 groups

Suitable for : Indoor and outdoor

Member per group: 5 to 7 per group (increase number of members per group if you have more participants)

Objective:  An activity filled with fun. Students/ executives will be released from stress. To make the members feel familiar with each other.

Activity: Even though it is a group activity don’t make the groups prior. the game itself is to form the group. Decide the number of group and number of members per group as per the available participants. Take as many blank chits as many participants you have.

  • Decide name of animals like ( cow, dog, cat, lion, elephant, donkey etc)
  • select those many number of animals as per your number of groups (eg. if you have 6 groups decide 6 animals.)
  • Decide the number of members per team and write that many chits of same animals (eg. if you have 5 members per team write Lion in 5 chits, donkey in 5 chits etc).
  • Shuffle the chits and distribute the chits so that each participants will get one chit each.
  • Ask the participants to see the chits but should not share the name of the animal with any one.
  • ask the participants to close their eyes with a hand-key and rearrange them
  • Now the members must find their co team members by creating the sound of the animal which is assigned in the chit.
  • each member will create sound of a animal and each will search of their team members.
  • after certain time say for 4-5 minutes you stop the game identify the members who could not reach their team
  • get some activity done by them.
  • Really a fun game which can be enjoyed the most.

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