Management Game on communication

Given is the management game on communication. This game will highly improve the need for communication, success of team building and also stress on the importance of coordination. This game is really a fun filled one to enjoy.

Name of the Game:-  Follow the Instruction

Type of the Game:-     Group activity

Member per group:-   4-6 members

Time required:-            5-6 minutes per group

Activity:-       Make the groups first and ask them to select a leader for each group. Now call the leader of group 1 let other members of the group to close these eyes tightly with the help of a hand towel. assign the team leader with a symbol or shape like circle, triangle, square etc.

Now the task is the team leader should get the members arranged in the given shape with out touching them only by communicating with them through words. Time span should not exceed 5 – 6 minutes per group.

The members of other teams can be allowed to distract the active team members with some voices and sounds to make the game fun.  At the end of the given time the team should be arranged in given shape exactly else the team will be considered as a looser.


  • Only one team must perform in a time
  • other members can disturb the team members only from a certain distance say for 1.5 meters.
  • The team leader must also give instruction from that distance only.
  • No one should touch the active participants not the leader and other team members also

This game when played both indoor and outdoor will be a great fun.

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