History of Industrial Relations in India

The history of Industrial Relations in India started way back in 19th Century. It is very interesting to learn about the history of relations in India and also in international perspective. Let us discuss the same in detail

Industrial Relations Global Evolution

The history of Industrial relations started along with the Industrial revolution. Industrial revolution is basically focused on transmission of handmade production towards machine made productions. Textile industry was the industry which dominated the industrial revolution. This is the time when concept of Industrial relations evolved for the first time.

Industrial Relations in India

Industrial Relations in India stated long back. In the first phase of 19th century Indian labours faced very bad situation. The relations between the employees and employers were like master and servants. Employees were hired and fired.

During this period the industry ( both employees and employers)  faced severe problems like:

  • Poor wages
  • Poor working condition
  • Absence of job security
  • Long working hours
  • Absence of welfare activities
  • Employees strike
  • Low productivity
  • Absence of skilled labor

In this stage both management and government were trying to find a solution to these major labor issues. At this same time International Labor Organization (ILO) has been formed to create peace in the industry at international level.

Indian government also started its activities to create a harmony in the industry. In this context an Act was introduced called trade disputes Act 1929. This is how the role of IR started in Indian organizations. Later Government formed several institutions or committees to solve the issues related to IR but due to political changes most of them were not so successful.

In mid of 19th century several disputes were started in the organizations. Employees started forming association for themselves to protect themselves from the employer’s unfair labor practices. Employers associations were also formed to take firm decisions.

To solve these issues the government has taken several steps like setting up of dispute settling authorities, collective bargaining etc… This over all activity is taken care by IR department in each organization. This is how industrial relations evolved in Indian industries.

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